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The complete change log for the mod and a small faq.

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The Changeling (3.0)

I decided to keep the change notes short and simple and only list the major features to avoid a huge wall of text.

  • The mod imports a lot of stuff from the Kingdoms expansion to the Grand Campaign
  • New Factions: Apachean, Norway, Ireland, Novgorod, Lithuania, Emirate of Damascus, Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, Caliphate of Baghdad, Kwarezmian Empire, Cumans
  • All factions, except the slaves are playable
  • All factions can reemerge (so be careful with uncontent cities)
  • 500 Units - including unique units. (Imported from Kingdoms and completely new (reskinned) ones)
  • Greatly expanded roster for the knightly orders (new additional recruitment buildings)
  • Regional troops in the Levant and Wales
  • 128 Building chains overall - including many and more unique buildigs (buildable only by certain factions in certain settlements)
  • Greatly expanded the campaign map (bigger Americas and all the way to Karakorum) - 197 Regions
  • Complete overhaul of the campaign map ground textures (satellite pictures)
  • Imported the campaign map music from kingdoms (different culture, different music)
  • Imported UI from expansions for different cultures
  • Debt script that keeps the AI active but, does not allow them to recruit units if in debt, but allows them to advance their settlements unti they are out of debt
  • Mongols still make an invasion and will pose a very real threat once the event starts
  • You can go now to the Americas at turn one
  • Gunpowder units are now very deadly, but reduced in size. Cannons can shot grapes now.
  • Traits and ancillaries got big additions (example: every region grants now a title, all factions have crowns, etc.)
  • Mongols start as pagans (can convert to islam)
  • Norway can convert to paganism (gives them Berserkers as unit)
  • Reworked recruiting system (better units replace old ones. example: mailed knights - feudal knights) This makes sure that the AI recruits good units in the late game
  • Rebels and Mercs got a reskin (We need more color)
  • Unique flags for the knightly orders and some others
  • New historic events
  • New resources
  • Buildable permanent stone forts
  • Expanded mercenary availability and unis
  • More movement range for agents and armies
  • New boni to buildings
  • Byzantium needs certain regions to get high end units and develop their full potential
  • Mongols gain units, florin and an increment in the king's purse by conquering certain regions (stick to history and you will see)
  • Integration of Skynet AI (campaign and battle are now a different experience)
  • New movies, UI, polishing, etc.
  • There are many and more small changes, tweaks and whatnot (to many to remeber and to list. You can take a look at the 2.9 release thread for more text and go through the Road to 3.0 thread to get a comprehensive overiew

Total Vanilla Beyond 3.1 Changes
Change notes:

-fixed a bug that caused a ctd, when the castellan building in edessa was finished
-fixed the "no show" of weapons of dism polish nobles and armenian spearmen (thanks hellvard)
-fixed the silver surfer scottish captain (thanks again hellvard)
-altered mission rewards, so they grant double the money
-altered some cuman units upkeep to bring them more in line
-fixed a crash with the turkoman unit in battle
-fixed a bugged battle location south of jerusalem
-fixed aztec farms not working properly
-some minor changes to unit stats and cost
-removed the skynet cai, to get a little bit salt'n'peppa back in the campaign. in both my test campaigns this works out fine. I think I will keep it that way.
-altered the skynet bai a little bit to remove the long lines in front of ladders and towers, if the front door is right open. this seems to work now too.
-implemented the missing armor upgrade for mounted cuirassiers (by Medusa0)
-removed the Skynet BAI
-buffed the morale for all the units (who wants another slice...?)
-Added the Really Bad AI 5.7 and G5 Settlement Tweaks 0.2 (by Germanicu5)

What happend to "I will revert the AI back to Vanilla"?

-Frustration happend. After removing the Skynet BAI I noticed a very strange behavior during sieges, as the attacker would line up left of the settlement after ramming in the gates and then proceed to prancing around the open gate and get shot to pieces.
Now, after reimplementing Skynet, I could see the same behaviour and I did not know how to get rid of it, what I had done to deserve this and why I thought at 18 years of age drinking milk mixed with sugar, Amaretto, Batida de Coco and Advocaat was a bright idea (shut up, it tasted yummy).
So desperate for a solution I thought love it and look at that Really Bad AI everyone is pestering you about. So I did implement it. Surprisingly easy to implement I have to say (I hope I have not loved up). And tested it out. Surprise, it fixed the "prancing" issue and i made some tests. I like it, it is now integrated. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.
-CAI is still gone for good.

Total Vanilla Beyond Patch 3.2 Changes
Change notes:

-Sami Axemen are now available in the unique mayors palace buildings
-Constable of Tripoli now includes the constable as officer model
-Damascus Urban Milita now have the correct skin and don't look so funny any more
-The apachean Tomahawk now has a skin instead of shiny silver
-Milan and the Papal states can no longer construct the Armory, as it was not necessary for them
-A CTD related to the replenishment of Outremer Units has been fixed. it would occur if you built the Citadel of Tripoli and the Gun Powder event came around. I think because of this the unit available per settlement limit broke and led to a ctd (this occured as spain). So to remedy this, it is now sadly no longer possible to refresh outremer units in every outremer barrack (only Constablers and Marshalls remain like this). I did not want to do that, but I had to for the sake of a stable game with one ctd cause less.

I think thats about it. You may have to start a new campaign. But it might work with campaigns in progress.

Total Vanilla Beyond 3.3 Changes
Change notes:

-Fixed missing ancillaries (Palermo, Poitiers & Algiers now grant the right title and the lords can now finally show their bling-bling)
-Added the gruesome Blood Priest Ancillary for the Aztecs
-Faction leader and heirs now are called Kings and Princes or other appropriate things

-New trait from Explorers Guild (+line of sight) for diplomats, they now learn to use their glasses correctly
-A spy is now not everytime a native pathfinder, but has to earn it by luck and many pathfindings
-Trait Merchant - Banker (Banco Medici) ...I had a million dollars and I spent it all....
-Fixed a CTD Bug that was present from 3.0 on. Now finally no random crashes anymore one you have an explorers guild and recruit a diplomat there.

-The rebel Carracks now no longer show, that they are peasants

-Fixed Venice Heavy Infantry Texture (now it is in the right order, the new order)
-Fixed the Venetian Archer Textures as well (damn Venetians and their textures)

-The Naffatun received a buff and can now AOE the unlucky pot catchers
-Naffatun and Firethrower received 2 Hitpoints, so they will die twice as long to archers
-Dievas Guard now frighten foot, just the left foot, the right foot is braver
-Conquistadores now learned to charge with +2 (Training hurray)
-Reiters got more range (more powder, farther boom)
-Mortars got now a greater AB (Area of Boom) and send the unlucky flying (Mortars are now useful)
-Another Pikemen tweak (they are denser - no one said you need to be intelligent to hold a pike), some have more armor and they are now disciplined (no cookies before breakfast)
-Removed phalanx formation from Halberd units and the like, they seem to be more effective now, especially when used by the AI
-Hussites have learned to use their swords to sharpen stakes and deploy them
-Regular Pikemen are now available for more factions (don't ask me which)
-Some artillery units can now deplay stakes (maybe the Hussites were involved in this)
-Serpent and Mortars now sport thre Boom Devices instead of 2
-Scotland has now access to Crossbow Militia in Towns (finally not another pike unit for the poor Scots)
-Removed the "no skirmishing" from the mounted gunpowder units - they are even more dangerous now (but not as dangerous as the common danger noodle or drop bears)
-Stradiots can now be recruited from the Palazzo Ducale in Venice
-Conquistador units now got a fancy captain officer, with a fancy feather on top to make them even more fancier
-Slight range increase for Arquebusiers and Handgunners

-New Unit - Mounted Cossack Musketeers (Kievan Rus/ Novgorod) (you better watch out for them - they have very dangerous boom sticks)
-New Unit - Mounted Naphta Throwers (Damascus) only available in Damascus - but boy do they raise hell
-New Unit - Georgian Knight (available as Mercs in..... Georgia and surrounding areas) - very very touch and unbreakable mounted knights
-Added normal pikemen mercs to europe and americas and Halberdiers Mercs to europe - so you have a better option in the late game (I am a generous Godess)

-Thieves Guild now provides happiness (constand surveillance through a spy networks tends to do that to citizens)
-Highways only available in Cities, not Castles (makes them more distinct and shows that cities are better at building infrastructure)
-Deleted Castle Market (they already have the Toll House and I needed the space)

-Zacatecas now sports the hidden americas resource
-Cliffs of Dover are now in the game
-Red brick castles for eastern european (also on the battlemap), because it looks very nice
-New unique buildings - Bank of Florence/ Fugger / Gutenberg Printing Press/ Leonardo’s Workshop -/ Hippodrome Constantinople / Gold Mines Timbuktu / Gold Mines Tenoch (El Dorado) /Hashashin Fortress Alamut /Tenoch Zoo /Arsenale - Venice (Thats it now, no more unique buildings, I can not see them anymore)
-Byzantium can now recruit units from the Hippodrome and the Colosseum (mhh, what could these units be?)
-The Collosseum is now unique to Rome, like intended and you can recruit a colossal unit there
-Melee upgrade for Aztecs from some buildings
-Range Upgrade for Pachies from some other building

-Cathar event now sports a lot of heretics spawing at Toulouse (a lot, a very much a lot, a very much a whole bunch of lot, sooo many lots - better prepare your priests)
-Plague now extends to americas (thise poor bastards)

-slight changes to the AI (invasion of slave regions) (Now you have to be even faster, pussycat, kill kill)

And the big religion content patch (now you have to manage it more)
-Religions added (Tengrism Mongols + Cumans, Sun God Aztecs, Great Spirit Apachean, Judaism pops up everywhere, Protestantism for converted catholics)
-Religion now spreads more naturally and trickles in through neighbouring settlements and the faction creator religion will try to push back.
-Protestant Reform event. Every catholic faction can choose now to remain catholic or become protestand (between 1417 and 1517) - Hurray for Martin! And Hurray to Titus66 who gave me this wonderful suggestion
-All Catholic factions will choose, some AIs are more likely to convert, others are not (keeping it with history but random)
-made Protestant specific AI (like Catholic but Protestant )
-Jews have now a Diaspora in certain settlements (the dispora in itself does nothing, is indestructible, but a needed precursor for the following jewish buildings which will spread Juadaism and provide benefits to offset the downside of religious unrest)
-3 new jewish buildings, + 6 unique jewish buildings in jerusalem, granada, frankfurt, venice, cracow, prague
-Ancillary Jewish Scholar (needs minimum Jewish Street in the Settlement)
-Ancillary Golem in Prague and Old New Synagogue (creepy )
-Heretics + Witches now are again more dangerous

-many custom battle maps fixed, show now right terrain (the coordinates were way off in some)

Heads will roll
-Cokjan head ancillary (Oslo)
-Alondite Ancillary (Toledo Manufacture)
-Kasier Stahl Ancillary (Smederevo)
-Athelstan Ancillary (Somewhere in Denmark maybe?)

-Fixed various, many and more small things

3.3.3 Patch
-Fixed ctds
-added dismounted royal mamluks
-much and more small changes and balancing (unit availability, units stats, buildings, etc. etc.)
-and other wonderul stuff, because I have not kept track of the changes
-fiery poison arrows for nubian archers

"The Last Hurray" patch for 3.3.3

-Damascus gets the Damascene Musketeers instead of Janissary Musketeers
-All Halberd units now do not have the long_pike attribute anymore
-removed a "maybe ctd" for polish resurrection (thanks to alondite)
-horse breedes guild hq is now correctly available in citadels - hashashim guild hq is not meant to be available in citadels (this is no bug) -various small fixes

Works of other, used in this mod

Retrofit Mod by Unspoken Knight (TWCenter)
Grand unit addon mod by Calendarius (TWCenter)
Stone Forts Complete by Gigantus (TWCenter)
Dismounted Mailed Knights by Lord Condormanius (TWCenter)
G5 Settlement Tweaks v1.01 for M2TW\Kingdoms by Germanicu5 (TWCenter)
Historical Region Names (submod for Total Vanilla Beyond) by Balsiefen (TWCenter) (Thank you)
Dismounted Polish Nobles models by Hellvard (TWCenter)
High Quality Sky Textures Project 1.0 by Hereje (TWCenter)
Skynet AI by z3n and Europa Barbarorum II (TWCenter)
Imported Rome Berserker Model from the De Bello Mundi Mod (TW Center)
Really Bad AI 5.7 and G5 Settlement Tweaks 1.01 (by Germanicu5)
Unbroken Red Brick Battlemap Settlements (files provided by Gigantus)

A special thanks to Titus66 for the now approx. 40 pages document, where he made his suggestions for #3.3 and we discussed it

And much inspiration and help from the TW Center Forum


Would you like a cookie?

I want you to add something (insert: faction, settlement, unit, building), can you do that?
-The mod is at it's limit capacity, and this is the final version. So, no I won't

But this is not historical accurate!

Are there hot single ladies near me, that want to get to know me?
-Most definitve

How many men have you butchered for this mod?

Add Serbia!

Are you a god?
-Yes, and now bring me your ship, so I can get off this planet!

What do you plan to do next?
-I don't know. Maybe something completely different... Maybe something Total Bananas

Last Words

So, this is the end. For real now
Nothing left to say but: Thanks that you have joined me on the journey making this mod and have fun on your campaign.


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