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You can view the full change log here. Mostly it is just bug fixes and adding textures. But this opens the way for better future updates. Any suggestions are appreciated. I have a long list to do, consisting of 21 items, but that isn't enough :D

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Empathy Change Log V1.1
Enlarged map (From 100x100 to 1000x1000. Any larger requires a map recode, I'm not doing that 'yet')
Fixed the Chat system (Sort of, requires hard coding for it to work)
Added HealthAdded inventory.
Not implemented fully
Added backround music
Added console for errors
Added Wood (Thanks to the Minecraft Terrain.png for the texture {TEMPORARY})
Added 1 enemy
Added Mother
Added Brother
Added Quest/Mission/Job log
Added boss texture
Started coding boss
Started working on multiplayer
Removed 'The Wrecker'
Added movement!
Added Grass texture
Added Non Passable Blocks and Sprites eg Mountains
Added Chat system
Added Boss Texture
Added DeBug Pannel

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