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The rare 2005 action-stealth-em-up from Silver Wish Games has now been translated to English

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Chameleon English Translation Patch

Located in Slovakia, Silver Wish Games was originally a division of Illusion Softworks (now 2K Czech), who bought us some of the best games ever made, including Hidden and Dangerous 2 and Mafia: City of Lost Heaven.

Chameleon was never released in western countries and therefore never received an official English translation. As far as I understand, the game was only released in Poland and Russia. One version of Chameleon, I believe the Polish version, had the option of English voice overs in the cut scenes, and there is a video on YouTube which is proof of this. However I have not been able to track down any actual copies of that version of the game. Anyway, because I love Illusion Softworks' games so much, I translated it myself and the patch is now up for grabs on Mod DB.

Chameleon is a really cool game, especially if you’re into the action-stealth-3rd person-tactical sort of thing. Finding the game can be quite difficult though due to the lack of an English publication. It was released in Russia as Хамелеон, and in Poland as Kameleon. If you’re lucky enough to find a copy of this awesome game please give this unofficial English translation patch a go.



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