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What's in Chameleon Swing right now and what's coming up.

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It's our first post on IndieDB :) So this post should hopefully explain all you need to know about the current state of our game Chameleon Swing.

Firstly, We are a couple of cousins looking to make games that we would love to play, however no one seems to have made them yet, so we thought: "why not do it ourselves?!" And here we are!

Jack Soulie - Game Designer/Programmer
Kier Eyles - 2D/3D Artist

Kier draws all the art for the game using only colour biro pens, so we hope you love the beautiful background he's made for the Madagascan jungle backdrop. He has finished all the fundamental sprites and is now working on getting some real personality into the main characters of the game. They are:

- The Eagle, who hunts our ill-fated chameleon from above.
- The Crocodile, who chases the chameleon from the ground.
- The Lemur, who throws the chameleon in a random direction, towards the crocodile and eagle

On the programming side of things, we've been randomizing as many variables as possible. For instance, the trees have random heights, random gaps between them, and a random amount of branches; the branches/butterflies have varied sprites and spawn at random distances on the tree trunk.
Things to look forward to:

- Scaling the game up, in order to show more of the detail in the graphics

- Expanding the height of the game world, so that the chameleon has more room to manoeuver

- Tightening the game mechanics and perfecting the pacing, so that when you play the game you feel in complete control and have enough time to react to the incoming trees and hazards.

- Collectable items and possibly special abilities/upgrades.

That's all for now. We'll be updating weekly so be sure to keep an eye on this page for the latest progress!

Chameleon Swing in Action!

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