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After the crime rate in Vice City raises to an extreme level, the government revives Cerberus to clean up the streets.

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Cerberus is back, and they want blood.

Cerberus, a highly trained personal army was used by Starkweather in Carcer City many years ago. The American Government noticed how effective the soldiers were until the Carcer incident. Now, the Government has rebuilt Cerberus from the ground up. The soldiers are far more deadly and come in bigger numbers.

When you eventually get to fight Cerberus near the end of the game, make sure you make a strategy to survive their ambushes.

  • Cerberus comes out at night, but if you get a high enough wanted level, they'll come after you during the day too.
  • Cerberus soldiers can see a very far distance due to their headgear. Make sure to stay out of there sight.
  • The best way to take out the soldiers is to execute them from behind. A knife to the throat should work.
  • Cerberus will attack all gangs, not just yours.

Cerberus soldiers will be available to use in multiplayer so you and your friends can use them for roleplaying.

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