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It was time the Citadel Epilogue Mod got an ending made for it. It's finally done.

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My enjoyment of the Mass Effect trilogy and the fun of modding in general finally led me to make a unique ending mod for Mass Effect 3, tailor made for the Citadel Epilogue Mod.

While the new ending for the Citadel Epilogue Mod isn't located here, from this site you can pick up CEM and LIME to CEM and then head over here to grab LIME - We Will Prevail.

Full Description - SPOILERS

LIME_WWP or, Less Is More Ending - We Will Prevail

- Everything following happens regardless of your EMS.

- Cortez survives.

- During the beam run, regardless of your EMS, the Normandy will rescue your squad.

- Anderson survives.

- TIM will not meet you on the Citadel. At this time I do not remove references from earlier in the game of him fleeing to the Citadel, although I may do this in a future version.

- Shepard will not meet the Catalyst

- There is no choice. Shepard will destroy the Reapers.

- The crew will rescue Shepard and therefore, Shepard survives.

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