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The Celts employ a balanced unit rooster with a focus on melee units, somewhat weak but fast-built structures and some unique tactics.

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  • Celtic Spearman (bonused versus cavalry)
  • Celtic Skirmisher (can hide during the night)
  • Celtic Archer
  • Celtic Oathsworn (heavy swordsman - champion unit)


  • Celtic Light Cavalry (cavalry skirmisher)
  • Celtic Noble Cavalry (has command aura)


  • Celtic Villager
  • Celtic Hound (zergling like unique unit/detects hidden units)
  • Celtic Druid (the only healer with an attack)


  • Celtic Battering Ram


  • Civ Center

    • Trains: Celtic Villager
    • Techs: Town Phase (2 tiers, phase up), Loom (Villager, hit points), Hill Forts (Civ Center, hit points/attack range, Celts only), Warrior Cult (Organic unit, hit points, Celts only)
    • Other: New ones can only be upgraded from colonies, which are only buildable on capturable settlements. Garrison Workers.
  • Farm

    • Trains: Celtic Hound, Sheep, Chicken
    • Techs: Crossbreeding (Celtic Hound, hit points)
  • Watch Tower

    • Techs: Guard Tower (Watch Tower, enables attack/hit points), Carrier Pigeons (tower, line of sight), Town Watch (2 tiers, structure, line of sight)
    • Other: Detects hidden units
  • Storehouse

    • Techs: Improved Mining (3 tiers), Improved Lumber Harvesting (3 tiers), Improved Construction (3 tiers), Handcart (2 tiers, Villager speed)
    • Other: Lumber dropsite
  • Barracks

    • Trains: Celtic Spearman, Celtic Skirmisher
    • Techs: Naked Fanatics (Celtic Spearman attack rate), Defensive/Guerrilla/Offensive Core Infantry (choice tech)
  • Archery Range
    • Trains: Celtic Archer
    • Techs: Marksmanship (Archer damage), Fire Arrows (Archer/Structure/Ship extra damage vs Structures/Ships/Siege)
  • Forge

    • Techs: Weapon Forging (3 tiers, melee damage), Missile Forging (3 tiers, ranged damage), Armorcrafting (3 tiers, heavy armor), Leatherworking (3 tiers, light armor), Footwear (infantry speed), Advanced Blacksmithing (melee damage, Celts only)
  • Druid Shrine
    • Trains: Druid
    • Techs: Herbal Lore (Druid, improved healing), Afterlife (Organic unit, attack rate)
    • Other: (has command aura)
  • Market

    • Trains: Horse (needed to build stables)
    • Techs: Coinage (periodic income per ally)
    • Other: Exchange Resources
  • Stables

    • Trains: Celtic Light Cavalry, Celtic Noble Cavalry
    • Techs: Trimarcisia (Noble Cavalry, regeneration), Heavy/Swift Horses (choice tech, hit points or speed)
  • War Center (needs better name)

    • Trains: Celtic Battering Ram, Celtic Oathsworn
    • Techs: Draft Horses (Siege, speed), Reinforced Ramheads (Ram, damage), Longswords (Oathsworn, cleaving attack)


  • Melee infantry move 10% faster.
  • All units have +200 acquisition range.
  • Druids can attack, unlike other civs' healers.
  • Most melee units can pillage enemy structures, stealing resources as they attack them.
  • Buildings 25-30% weaker but also build 25-30% faster.
  • Farms limited to 5 (instead of 10), but they also can also train Celtic
    Hounds. Other buildings grant population bonuses as well.
  • Forge becomes available from the village phase, with one extra tech.


  • Infantry: Very Strong. Both spears and swords. Various techs and bonuses.
  • Missile units: Average. Skirmishers and Archers. Few Techs.
  • Cavalry: Strong melee. Average ranged.
  • Siege: Weak. Only rams.
  • Economy: Above Average. Fast building and pillage.
  • Structures: Weak (but fast built), besides upgraded Civ Centers.
  • Navy: No special techs for hired ships.

Format shamelessly stolen from the design document of the free indie RTS 0 A.D. Both for it's usefulness and as a chance to promote it.

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