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Tiberium Refined v0.2 released. Get it now!

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Hi everone,

It is with great pleasure that I present to you all the 0.2 update of Tiberium Refined! This update focuses on adjusting the faction special powers, aiming to make them more fun and diverse, while also fixing the irrationalities left over from vanillia.

[Global Changes]

Engineers can now detect landmines while onboard an APC.

The Tiberium Spike can now store up to 1000 units of Tiberium by itself, and the Civilian Tiberium silo can store up to 7500 units.

All offensive support powers can now be set to target an area that's close to the edge of the maps (just like the superweapons), and will now also decimate any trees within their target radius.

[Scrin faction]


Warp Spheres and Gravity Stabilizers no longer provide repair drone functions.

Only one Signal Transmitter may be built at any time.


Reduced cost for the Reconstruction Drones ability, and its duration and area of effect are increased. Reconstruction Drones can now repair both ground and air units.

Added Inspire Tiberium Energy ability for the Signal Transmitter, Causing all Tiberium Crystals within the affected radius to generate a devastating IonStorm. (Tip: GDI Sonic Emitters can nullify any IonStorms within its targeted radius, this is an ability carried over from vanilla.)

Selecting an existing wormhole will now display its duration timer.

The Rift superweapon will now slow enemy units and reduce the production speed of any structures caught within its target radius.


Fixed the bug which prevented players from selecting vehilces after they've been combined with Buzzers.

[GDI faction]


Space Command Uplink now has an upgrade that allows it to randomly reinforce the player with a Pitbull/APC/Predator Tank. Only one Space Command Uplink may be built at any time.

Reduced cost for Tiberium Silos to 300.


Cost for the Orca Strike support power increased to 750. Damage increased by 100%, able to destroy a Power Plant with a single strike.

Cost for the Shockwave Artillery support power increased to 2500, damage type changed to CANNON. Damaged increased by 50%. It will now suppress infantry units within a large radius.

Added Low Output Mode for the Ion Cannon superweapon. This ability comes with a countdown timer of 4 minutes and has a much smaller damage radius compared to the main cannon, therefore is suited to be used on single targets. Activating either firing mode will reset the countdown for the other.

Changed visual effect for the Full Charge Mode Ion Cannon and added burning damage to the blazes caused by the Ion Cannon.

[Nod faction]


Added Tiberium Efficiency upgrade for the Tiberium chemical plant. This upgrade will lower the cost for all harvesters, Tiberium Refineries and Tiberium Silos by 10%, and lowers the cost for the Liquid Tiberium Core and Tiberium Infusion upgrade by 15%. Only one Tiberium chemical plant may be built at any time.

Reduced cost for Tiberium Silos to 300.


The Radar Jamming Missile support power is now a targeted ability, and will reset the ability countdown timer for any units or structures within the target radius (Superweapons are not affected by this). Cost increased to 1100, countdown time increased to 120 seconds.

Human infantry units killed by the Tiberium Vapor Bomb will now have a chance to spawn Visceroids. Objects that survived the attack will also show up when scanned by the Scrin Tiberium Vibration Scan support power.

The Master Computer Countermeasures support power has been reassigned to the Tech Lab, and will now show up on the sidebar like the other support powers. Countdown timer increased to 60 seconds.

Nuclear Missiles will now leave lingering radiations that damage any units within the affected area, while also preventing new structures being built before it dissipates. Added new visual and audio effects for radiations.


Garrison a Civilian structure can now reduce the cost for Militant squads by 5%, and cost for Militant rocket squads and Fanatics by 2.5%. This bonus will stack with each newly garrisoned structure, capping at 25% and 12.5% respectively.


Range and Damage of the Reflector Beam ability of BeamCannons have been buffed to Kane's Wrath standard.

Download and enjoy, and I hope you'll look forward to the next update! also feel free to send any feedback or report bugs you may encounter.

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