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With 2010 at our doorstep, it's time to continue with the mod. School isn't so demanding anymore, and somewhere around the one year anniversary work will speed up.

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Yes, you have read it right, starting Januaray 1st, work will continue and the mod will be back on it's tracks.

I don't have a lot to say, only a few anouncements:

Starting January 1st, the Source engine will replace the W3D engine. For a long time we felt like changing the engine, because we discovered that Renegade is very hard to play seriously. We always end up laughing our *ss*s of, and we really don't want our own game to become something like that.
We considered a lot of different engines, but eventually the Source engine became our primary choice.

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Because of this major change we have also decided to start on programming a lot faster than we did with the W3D engine, this means that we will be making weapons and characters earlier in the development.

Another fact we wanted you to know is one that MIGHT become reality... When the mod is nearing it's Beta stage we might create a second project alongside the mod... now don't get your hopes up, but the idea is to start working on not only a PC version of the game, but also an X360 version... theoretically.

The last anouncement is that the story will be changed and modified, so that al the "extra" levels are canon with the series, meaning that certain objectives in our own missions will link to Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.

Well, thats it for now, check back soon to find the renewed game.

PS. (and don't forget to vote for the MOTY =D)


Sure ill vote :P IF you vote for my 2 things :P Master of Realms and RC Mod :P

So Source it is :P I could ask my bigger brother if he could make a few maps for you... if possible.

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Good move, W3D just fails these days man.

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Well seeing what EA does to the C&C franchise, good mods is the only hope of keeping the series spirit alive.
Generals and C&C3 was good, I'll give EA that but it went downhill with Red Alert 3, and what I've seen so far of C&C4, the tiberium series is officially dead.
So it's up to talented mod teams to keep the legacy strong, I hope you have what it takes.
R.I.P. Westwood.

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Crazy to choice Source Engine for make a mod based of c&c3.
Its better if you take crysis or unreal 3.

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