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Let's open up shop, Commander! This entry gets us all the gist of what C&C: RA: RAlisim IS.

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert: RAlisim is an independantly developed mod. It was created for the purpose of making the original Red Alert more realistic. It will feature a more realistic level of combat, allowing for a more tactical and fast-paced game. Inspired by the Griping of individuals , whining about the unrealistic nature of Red Alert, it will allow those like minded individuals to finally enjoy this fantastic game!
C&C: RA: RAlisim is a mod designed to make the combat of the original Red Alert more realistic. This will happen in a two tiered design process. In the first "Tier" of development, the aim is to modify the statistics of the units to a more realistic level. We will be adjusting the tech levels and prices accordingly, to "Balance" our changes. The second tier aims to improve upon some of the issues of Red Alert, such as the poor skirmish AI, as well as adding any new animations as seen as needed.

Well, I'm on Modb! The mod is in active development, with Tier 1 currently underway. I really want to hear from the community. Your thoughts, opinions, all of them will help me in the long run. Currently, I'm working on the range of the artillery units, trying to make them of a more believeable, and useful range. I'm also playing with the HP of all the units to make them much more believable.


I'm a real human being, with needs, such as sleep, food, talking with my friends face to face, ect. As such, I'm not giving this project an estimated release date. However, I will give my current release plan. I'm going to release the mod with each update having been tweaked by the user base. Basically, every update is a massive open beta. This is due to, once again, my being one Human being, with a terrible internet connection.

Anyway, until next time, Dasnevandya!


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