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A mix mod for those who like basic C&C3, but would like a few more units!

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The 2nd mix mod scenario uses C&C3 has the base.
This means that this mod is ideal for players who prefer their Predator tanks to get the Railgun upgrade, who love the Nod Avatar and who like building 20 Pitbulls to attack enemy harvesters.
This mod attempts to preserve the base C&C3 style for a very familiar experience.


Base: Command & Conquer 3
Include: Red Alert history/Tiberian History
Preserve C&C3 gameplay style: yes...Removing global economy changes...removing unique heroic weapons & abilities...removing heroic ammunition increases...removing per unit upgrades...removing free player powers.
Replace C&C3 models?: Only if coded exactly the same (Exclusion: Kane's Wrath model). Note: Any base C&C3 model that is replaced must only be replaced if it's use is exactly the same has the model it replaces, the exception is if the replacement model is from Kane's Wrath in which case it can be coded to match Kane's Wrath instead.
Allow similar type units\structures in build queues: yes
Resolve alliances.... ally found.

Changes (compared to the Best of Both Worlds)

Minigunner & Grenadier models added (Preform the same has the models they replace)
Allied Pillbox no longer requires a clear line of sight to attack (matches Watchtower)
New reinforcement power: Head Hunters. Supplies a pair of veteran machine gun Pitbulls & a pair of Rocket Predators. These units are only available from this support power.
Black Hawk is only used to drop of infantry based support powers (except the Zone Trooper drop pods)
Hover MRLS no longer has a Heroic 'Rocket barrage' ability.
Hummer can only use it's sensor drop once the 'Sensor pod' upgrade is purchased.
Longbow chaingun upgrade is now global and is purchased from the tech centre. The Longbow no longer gets increased ammo when it reaches the 'Heroic' rank. The Longbow no longer gains the 'Chronoshift' ability when it reaches the Heroic rank.
Allied artillery no longer has a unique heroic weapon.
Heroic Titan no longer gains the 'Shockwave grenade' ability.


Apache no longer gets anything when it reaches the 'Heroic' rank
Badger bomber support power is now available has soon has an air tower is built, it costs $1500 to use.
Chemical Warrior only requires a tech centre and not the chemical plant to be built.
Rocket squad can no longer benefit from the 'Blue Tiberian mix' upgrade (they are just a model swap for the old Nod militant rocket squad).
Mig no longer gets extra ammo when it reaches the Heroic rank.
Nod turret attack strength is weakened.
Soviet bunker can be effected by garrison clearing weapons!
Hind rocket pods is now a global upgrade that is purchased from the Nod tech centre. The Hind no longer gets extra ammo when it reaches the 'Heroic' rank.
Blue Tiberian mix upgrade is now available at the tech centre instead of the Chemical plant.

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