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A word from the Co-Administrator of about the C&C 5 Project

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Hello english community,

I´m the second administrator of and the fanart-leader. Together with some other interesting projects I am going to make a Command & Conquer 5. Surely only at paper. I cant modding a game and 3D-modeling isn´t my power, but I try to make the best with my pencil. At first I want to present you over 14 units I have created on my own.

If you doesn´t fit them, here they are.

- Fan-Einheitenprofil des Mammut MK 3.5
- Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Jupiter Schlachtpanzer
- Fan-Einheitenprofil Nod: „Nods Schatten“
- Fan-Einheitenprofil Nod: Henker von Nod
- Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Doghunter Warmech
- Fan-Einheitenprofil: Nod Spider-Drohne, Tick
- Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Heartbreaker MK6
- Fan-Einheitenprofil Nod: Deathsnake
- Fan-Einheitenprofil: Nod Schattengläubiger
-Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Hurricane T2

The C&C5 Projekt is a really BIG projekt. I want to work with you together, to make a C&C5-Proposition. We want to send the ready game-proposition to EA.

In the program is:
-a complete story
-over 320 units
- 6 factions and 3 neutral factions
- basebuilding
- a new/old gamesysteme
- new innovations in the area of the classes (now they are going to be only 3 different techtrees, which the player can choose at beginning of the match)
- and much more.

Also tere are some concepts for a new Obelisk of light, which can tuned up with muich upgrades. Like a bunker, a flameweapon, a gatlingcanon and up to two other obelisks on the sites.

Updates are following in the next weeks!
I hope you are enjoy it!


Admiral Thrawn
(Administrator of

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