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4 versions, 2 months and 23 days after the last release I am back with the brand new Catchmod 3.1.1 which includes many bugfixes and new functions.

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I'm trying to get this site beneath my German community updated as well because this mod is mostly used only on German servers and I hope this will make the mod a little bit more known in other countries of the world.

About the mod

Counter-Strike Catchmod is intended as a ingame assembly of a game mostly known as tag the children's game. As it uses auto-bunnyhop and the Cs-engine you will achieve very high speeds that pledge a thrilling gameplay. You will need much concentration and good reflexes to become a good player in this mod. If you do not get any word of what I said then just test the mod with your friends on our server and have fun playing :)


If you install this mod on your server please change the server_language to english. You can do this in the ini-file in "/cstrike/addons/amxmodx/data/vault.ini" with :
"server_language en" (without quotation mark)

Bugfixes in the newest version

As I am programming this since some years now. There are optimizations I did and some new things to keep the mod interesting.

  • The ghostchat has been fixed
  • Showing/Hiding Speedinfo will now be safed serverside for each player
  • Using train_on as administrator will automatically change everybody to terror properly now
  • Player will not get randomly a bomb any more ( this was a bug as the bombsites are removed ;))
  • As player say .train or /train and you will be switched into a special new created third team to practice new tricks and combos without being disturbed by any other player. As information. You will be spawned invisible as a spectator quite on the map and will not be catched by and catcher on the map.
    As admin you can deactivate this function with fangen_allowtraining 0/1
  • With /wobble or .wobble you can switch to the special trainingteam for one round. This is interesting when you die in the beginning of a round and do not want to spectate the other players all the time.
  • There are no painsounds when you jump from higher places any more
  • The whole code has been optimized as there are now pcvars instead of usual cvars (no difference for you but for the run-time of every function) which will reduce the run-time of each function more than a half.
  • I changed the layers that are under use by the team,speed and other info displays to 1, 3 and 4 instead of 1,2 and 4 as it made some problems with the scrollmsg-plugin from amx :)

If you have suggestions for future updates or any bugs, please post them here in the comments or send me a pm. I would really appreciate it.

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