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My, my, i've been gone for awhile. Well, i'll provide you all with some update on the current situation.

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Map Pack/Version 3

It's been tiring to work on it, so i've taken a break for a while. I have other projects i'm working on, specifically music wise. Don't worry, it'll still be coming out, it's just, i can only resume this once i've finished my music project.

The reason i can't work on it now, is because i have finite time with my music related stuff, and with my mod, i have an abundance of time. Work should resume after the 21st June 2023, and the Map Pack should hopefully release sometime in August, if not earlier or what not.

Sorry for being gone for a while!

Other News :P

I've just released an EP on Youtube and Bandcamp, check em out down below!

Bandcamp -

Youtube -



Well, all i can do is apologize for not informing you. I i'll try and get an weekly update out every monday or so. Expect one on 22/05/2023!

Cya then!

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