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a non-profit game making company funding provided through patreon at least till we can establish a baseline income for employees all money made will go to pay for the essentials needed, and to the employees directly. as the director and leader of this project i wont be taking any money myself, i just want to prove that this can work for game companies and to be able to do what i have always wanted to do and make games.

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since this game will include adult themes and situations it will be hosted on this thread until there is sufficient funding to pay for a permanent website...

all games released will be fully moddable, this means that modders and others can create their own content and standalones using all assets... you will be able to create your own stand alone games based off of the canon/mythology/history of the universe we create.
(just try not to contradict any official or future games made from this franchise)

personally i think this is how companies should approach their potential customers/supporters in allowing the fans to freely create and explore the depths of a gaming universe.

at first only patrons (via patreon) will be able to use any testing or messing around with assets (when they become available), this way it will make it easier for people to support the project and feel they are getting something out of supporting the project.
patrons (of certain levels and above) will be involved in the decision making processes, there will also be the opportunity to get your name (real or screen-name/handle) used in the game so that every NPC has a unique name.

once the game is ready for initial release, the price will be around 5 to 10 bucks (no more than 10, including any taxes) many patrons will be able to help us calculate for a given area. game will continue to be free for all patrons, for those who continue to support after release will continue to get expansions and other bonus' as thanks.

so please read the synopsis, a short history on how the game got to its current setting where you start the game. also, feel free to leave a comment.

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