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Casuar. Hammer of Zoran (ENG tr). Story about the one of Zoran knights, who was the greatest in his army.

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"What are you going to tell me today?"
This question was no longer the first time from listeners. Today, a lot of specialists have already
gathered in the cabin for rest. These soldiers were not at all simple, but constituted the real elite of
the army. Not without reason, Zoran called them his Elected Hird in the old manner. They managed to win
his respect and love. Until recently, many of them served different forces. Someone was subordinate to the
Order of the Father, others were in favor of the "holy deeds" of Dark'Lin, and some even made themselves
powerful. Now they were all united and served under the same flag. The flag of the great mutiny. Rebellion
against cruel tyrants.
Special forces spread out in full armchairs, already prepared to listen to the commander. Zoran often
arranged such evenings. Miran and Archontil have already managed to get used to them. These two brave
fighters sat opposite each other and gazed intently at the incoming Zoran. And the red-faced commander was
already thinking. He carefully studied in his head his upcoming story.
"About Cassuar," came the voice of Zoran, who had corrected his dark uniform, "about Casuar the Brave."
Perhaps this man deserved my true respect. He was everything to me .... A real hero of his time.
Hearing so loud words of the commander, many fighters involuntarily shuddered. Obviously, today's story
promised to be very exciting.
"Well, come on," the voice of Ivan Bulov, one of the castles of Top Hill, was heard here. "Come on ...
Sbacai something interesting, boss."
Shrugging his shoulders, Zoran began his long story. A story about someone whom he respected and
appreciated. About the great and brave warrior. Warrior, that was called the Zoran's Hammer.

"Once upon a time there was a brave and courageous young man from the city of Karaif, which is far away
.... On the distant planet of Koi-Nai, at that time this world was free, and did not belong to any of the
tyrants. he was a brave Casuar.He was born in the glorious city of Karaif, and this city was famous for
its fairs and bazaars, and trade flourished in those lands.You know .... there are no such edges like that
now, and there will be no such beauty in the universe .... For its time has already sunk into oblivion.
Cazuar was born in glorious years in the family of the great ruler Karaif. Those were the times! Times of
legends and myths! Beauties and monsters! Real miracles. Incidentally, the name of our warrior was not
exactly Casuar. Although .... What really there to say .... It was quite long. It began with Casuar, and
then further Ahmed-ibn-Said-al-Rashen-bin-Janibeg and so on and so forth. Insanely long name. And it often
saved him. And all because of the fact that it was very difficult to pronounce it. From the age of seven
our glorious Casuar was sitting in the saddle. At the age of twelve, he already fought with the savages of
Thevan. Who are the Thevans you know. I have long cited their violent cannibalism as an example. You know,
they had customs .... There are bodies of their deceased relatives and consume their strength. They
believed that in this way they receive their energy ..... Their health and power. Wild people, what else
to say. And Casuar made many victories over the Theban barbarians. Shamans told me about his exploits. But
Casuarr himself never dared to look proud and pompous. He was a hero .... A real hero. At fifteen, he,
together with the horde, stormed the fortress of Cobur. In battle, he then defeated the son of a tribal
leader. Alas ... The leader's name has not been preserved, and even we do not know exactly what his son's
name was. Well, it does not matter. Casuar defeated him not with a sword and with a spear and not even
with a battle kisten. And the kisten is a good weapon. On that planet, the warriors of Karaith loved it.
Ritual was a weapon. It was said that God Himself once owned it "

- So how did he do it? - with a grin asked Archontyl, - You're all driving around the bush .... Tell me
how Casuar cut it!
Zoran laughed at this, exposing his sharp teeth. His smile on the truth never liked anyone, but now for
some reason none of the present did not express a grimace of disgust. Everyone was eager to find out what
would happen next.
"Well, I'm sorry, comrades," Zoran said with a smile, "I just like all sorts of subtleties ... Well, okay
.... Let's continue.
And having said these words, the leader of the insurrection finally told the rest of his story.

"Casuar did not kill the son of the leader ... No ... He did not kill ... He just gave him his name in the
fight." His long point. "While the enemy was listening to the full initials of Casuar, one of the allied
warriors managed to shoot an arrow. Just fell to the ground, dropping his sword, and not having time to
fight.Casuar only then grinned and rubbed his drooping mustache (then they had it no worse than the
hetmans Polonis ..... If you certainly heard about them) I'll tell you something else ... Casuar did not
like heavy armor in battle, he was content only with a simple leather cuirass, a cat The arms were worn by
simple warriors, as a brave warrior preferred a kisten, sometimes he used a saber .... He rode on a battle
hippo, a handsome man and a clever man .... But still the kisten preferred more. He loved to fight his
enemies on the spot with one blow And the mace of his knuckle punched any armor.As for all weapons, the
emblems of the city of the glorious Karaif were put on display.In twenty years, Casuar stormed the
fortress in Kathiran, already being the first mushir in his father's army. After the battle, he received a
gold medal (weighing by the way, twenty kilograms) for the fact that ....... ... personally broke the
gate. "

- I'm sorry, what? - heard Bulyov's bewildered remarks. - Personally? What do you mean, old man?
Zoran grinned again. His laughter almost turned into hysterical laughter. He was looking towards the
castellan with such a face that almost all the listeners could not contain their own smiles. They have
never seen Zoran so ridiculous.
"Listen, you already ask this question all the time, Ivan," the rebellious leader said cheerfully. "How
many times have I told this story to our guys, you still continue to perform as well." It's kind of a
banter, is not it?
Bulov smiled as well, exposing his filed teeth.
"All right, chief, you're right," said the castellan, striking himself on the knees. "This is my way of
"Ah, the head of the garden," Zoran threatened with a joke. "You're daring, but ....
Soon the red-faced returned to his narrative. This time he made his face extremely serious. Insanely
serious. Mirana is seriously worried. The rest of the work Zoran spoke in a sombre tone. Obviously,
further memories no longer brought him joy. Something changed in the expression on the face of Zoran. And
Archonthiel felt it with all the fibers of her soul. She suddenly saw something strange, giving off
incredible pain.

"Yes, yes .... He broke through the fortress gates with his own body and broke into the castle together
with the soldiers, which was an unforgettable spectacle, I listened to it a lot of times, talking to
colleagues from Koi-Nai, and they personally saw how Casuarr broke the gates The giant doors just flew
from their hinges and collapsed, and then a huge army burst into the city ... Such a massacre began ...
They cut out the entire garrison there. "No one was spared." Casuar chopped everything that moves. "After
interrupting the guard, he broke into The castle itself was huge, and storming it further would have been
long busy but our Casuar rwas not like that .... He never liked to wait ... Waiting .... All this seemed
to him so boring, that's why he did not wait and he went alone into the central tower and took prisoner
Pasha The warriors of Karaith needed information about all the strongholds, old strongholds that were not
built by people, and few people know that once upon a time there were very different races on Koi Nai,
those that we have encountered many times.
In these strongholds, they say, precious treasures were stored. So they thought in any case .... But it
was not there. It turned out that Pasha Katirana cooperated with our common enemies. Yes, Casuar took him
prisoner and chained him in chains. But the pasha still had a servant alive. He quickly moved toward one
of the giant closets in the lords of the lord, and pressed one of the books. Immediately opened a hefty
passage into the unknown. The warriors of Casuar immediately rushed for the servant, but he had already
grabbed some ancient weapon and let out a sheaf of scarlet sparks. Of course, he was then hacked off with
axes, but he already managed to release the sparks. None of the warriors of Casuar and did not think what
that would mean. But deep inside the son of the leader, Karaith, felt something was wrong. And this mess
soon came upon the whole host.
As it turned out, these sparks signaled reinforcements. And these reinforcements were not from people,
but from the most terrible creatures. Hecatonhair. And the commander himself was a giant from the giants.
Giant king of giants. Huge, like a rock. Hecatonchair troops moved towards the warriors of Karaith. The
forces were unequal. The Hecatonhair had guns that were not accessible to the fighters of Casuar. Seeing
such weapons, many soldiers were afraid. Talk of surrender was already going on throughout the army. But
it was not there. Cazuar himself came out to battle. And to meet him the king of the giants himself went.
A huge and fat beast.
"I'm the king here!" - terrible words were heard from the mouth of the titan, - I am a Time Slacker and
servant of the Greatest of the Gods. My name is Arshak. And how dare you discourage me? Immediately give
The voice of the giant was terrible and terrible. But this did not break the mighty Casuar. The giant
growled in his throat, striking himself with his steel fists on the torso. Many warriors flinched .... But
not Casuar. Casuar long pyalis on the forehead of a giant. He quickly ordered one of his soldiers to give
him a sling. The usual weapon of soldiers-peasants. However, few knew that Casuar was a slinger much more
accurate than even the strongest warriors of Karaif. He has long trained in this art. And it saved his
"If you're a king, let's fight!" - Then offered Cazuar, turning to the giant, - One on one. I am the son
of the leader Karaif. We are with you - even. There will be a little time, and I will become the ruler of
my city. So I'm offering you an honest fight! One on one!
"Well ....." Arshak snarled with a grin, showing his saber-like teeth to everyone. "And if I crush you and
turn you into a mash ?!" Your army will surrender at the mercy of the Greatest of the Gods?
The answer then gave Casuar the mighty. He gave a decent answer.
"And if I kill you," the warrior said, "your army is being removed from these lands."
Giant of course laughed. He also understood that his opponent was at least ten feet below him. Arshak
hoped to crush Casuar with one left hand. He did not even fight with him. He threw off his cuirass,
remaining half-naked. He wanted to crush a warrior mighty .... Grasp in both the paws and turn his body
into nothing .... Crumble it and flatten it. But he was taken aback. When the giant approached Casuar for
a distance of ten meters, suddenly we unscrewed our warrior sling in his hands and fired a shell. The
stone crashed into the temple of Arshak with all its might. The king of giants could not stand such a blow
and just collapsed. His skull was broken. A giant carcass fell down on the grass.
Then the warriors of Hecatonchair and Darkhin were struck. They believed that no one was immune to the
great Lack of Time, who was dedicated to their evil deity. And then the soldiers of the Greatest of the
Gods fell on their knees before Cazuar, casting off their faith. For they believed that a powerful force
flows inside a young warrior. And so the days of the great glory of Cazouar began. Later, he already had a
different name. "

"Zoran's Hammer," Miran's voice said, listening carefully to the whole story. "So he called himself." And
I even know what happened next.
- Yes, then it was hot ..... - responded to this Bulov, correcting on his head his tall helmet - Then the
Dark llyn freaks struck their new blow.
Zoran nodded his head towards the castellan, confirming the correctness of his words. Then, really,
terrible events happened. And the planet Koi-Nai was saved by a miracle. The rebellious leader continued
the narrative, but his plot was already coming to an end.

"Afterwards, this battle went down in history, the battle of the giant and the young man, it was even
compared with the greatest myth of the Earth Alliance, the battle of David and Goliath, and everything
happened almost exactly." The Hecatonchair army surrendered and moved to the side of Karaif, and all the
servants of the pasha As it turned out, almost all the government cooperated with Dark Lane, they supplied
them with slaves and soldiers for further attacks, but Casuar quickly stopped all this madness ..... And
thus became a target for mighty tyrants. , with whom we have been fighting for many years. To these
Hardly had Dark Dark found out about the murder of King Arshak and the betrayal of the whole army, and
immediately sent an armada to Koi-Nai. It was not possible to turn everything quietly. And then the
bastard, calling himself the Greatest of the Gods, set out to punish the inhabitants of the planet. They
sent a huge army to destroy the entire population. But then we arrived in time .... Zoran's boys are
always on time! As they say, are you still building pyramids for tyrants? Then we go to you!".

Many listeners laughed out loud, hearing such desires from the rebellious leader. And he was able to
cheerfully raise the mood. Of course, at first many people accepted Zoran for a gloomy and sullen
dictator, who advocates for false liberties, but eventually they became attached to him and even got used
to it.

"In a word, my fleet arrived at Koi Nai and saved the situation." Nan`Kai commanded the Great Armada, we
threw a dozen "Greneworms" and "Tombs" to destroy the enemy fleet .Gigantic vessels crumbled the ships
Dark'Lin in a matter of hours. the face of Sevastokrators, when they found out that the punitive
expedition had been crushed ... Karadzhios probably executed the envoys for bad news ... But that's not
our problem anymore. The main thing is that we knocked out these assholes from the system. "The battle was
pretty bloody. we, and the enemy voce It's good that we arrived on time, Zoran's guys always help us
out.We delayed at least for a day, the planet would have already turned into the Dark'Lin fortress, or
maybe into a huge concentration camp. That's why the most important thing in this war is maneuverability!
The Casuar was dedicated to castellans. We with them many wars went side by side .... He fought with the
damned followers of Sal'Zarra .... With the countless armies of Dark'Lin. It was he who defeated the
fleet-hive Ara'Nii and forced their Queen to bow in front of me ..... She chose Zoran as her ruler. And
all of her previous allies have been written down as enemies. In that conversation, Casuar played a
considerable role. He was not only a warrior, but also a good speaker. In terms of rhetoric, it was
indispensable. "

Zoran finished his story. But there was no joy on his face. On the contrary, all the listeners saw how the
light in his scarlet eyes began to fade. He felt suffering .... Unheard of anguish. Looking inside his
soul, Archontil saw a great pain, which he so carefully tried to hide. He lost Casuar, after all. I lost
the best comrade and warrior. But he never told how it happened. Maybe today will make him do it for the
first time.
"Then what happened?" - Miran asked here, already repeating the mental question of Archontil, - Casuar
.... He died, yes? He fell in the battle?
- Zarezan as a dog ..... - Zoran responded with great bitterness, lowering his head. - He went through
many wars with tyrants. He threw soldiers Dark 'Lyn, like rabbits. But then .... Then we got information
about the civil war. War on the homeworld of Casuara. Koi-Nye plunged into the abyss. Followers of the
Greatest of the Gods again penetrated there and set up a part of the population against me .... Zoran
became for many not a savior ... but another tyrant. Casuar went to suppress the mutiny with the good
legion of Necrodroids. But the enemies were much more insidious. They received a powerful weapon and cut
down the droids with the help of EMR. Then Casuar was surrounded and torn to pieces. It was an eerie
sight. So he died .... The famous Knight Casuar was killed. May his name and deeds be not forgotten! And
let his soul arise from the flame and punish the accursed enemies!
And here the stern rebel leader almost burst into tears. From his scarlet eyes almost sprinkled the same
color of tears. But he tried not to give any indication of this. He closed his eyes sharply, and then
clapped his hands. Zoran desperately tried to change his expression and reflect a semblance of a smile,
but now it seemed to him an impossible mission.
Special forces and other soldiers, who were sitting by, did not dare to console the ruler. They knew
perfectly well that Zoran would be able to cope with his sorrows himself. In the end, he held back such
forces that were beyond the control of many mortals. And sadness ... With sadness, he is quite capable of
fighting without help. The warriors knew that he would survive. He will manage.
"All right ...." Zoran said with a sigh. "Let's get out." Tomorrow we have a solution to the Tarmont
question. We promised reinforcements to Zhorzhanovich, and we must prepare.
Having said these words, the rebel leader stretched out to his full height and clapped his hands again.
After that, he quickly headed toward the exit from the room, leaving his companions alone. However, as
soon as Zoran was at the door, the voice of the Castellan was immediately heard. Bulov was clearly
concerned about his husband's strange behavior.

"Boss ... can you tell a story about a princess?" - Ivan's low bass came out, - Well, about that ... I do
not remember her name. Somehow the letter "D". You said that you met her in one fortress ... Absolutely
one. So beautiful in a scarlet dress. And talked about her singing. Wonderful singing. And about the
unforgettable beauty. You told us about it with such admiration ..... But Miran and Archontil did not
hear. They do not have much time here. I think they would be interested.
Zoran stopped short. He simply could not make new steps. The rebellious leader turned slowly toward his
comrades and, first of all, glanced at the castellan. Seeing the commander's face, Ivan involuntarily
recoiled. Now Zoran looked darker than the clouds. His scarlet eyes began to fade rapidly.
"Perhaps another time," the commander replied in a trembling voice.
After that, he finally left the room. The steel doors in front of him parted ways, and the Zoran
disappeared behind them in the blink of an eye. He left his friends alone. Left alone with their own
souls. And they just stayed on their chairs and silently looked at each other. A lot of questions arose in
their heads .... But they were perfectly aware that not all of them would get answers. In this universe
there were still many secrets. Secrets that are yet to be solved. Great secrets.

And it is unlikely that these secret ones will be revealed in the future. Although ..... Who knows.
Everything can be in this world.


Very good writing!

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BagaturKhan Author

Thank you! i worked hard

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i do agree, very good writing, it would be a very nice story with some visual arts! i always felt this kind of stories always need some pictures to further feel the characters

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