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This mod will be released Oct. 7th 2012! We are going to upload more snapshots soon! We've been working on this for a year, we really hope the community enjoys it! :)

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Game Info:
- a Game with a Mystery and Horror!
- Voices
- a couple Jump-scares :3
- many Easter Eggs!

We've been working on this mod for "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" for over a year, so we would really appreciate it if you'd give it a try once it comes out!

Your name is Benjamin D. Anderson, you are the son of King George IV, and you havelived in this castle for 17 years. You recently have heard that your UncleLucas has been conducting some type of experiments in his laboratory for thepast 2 weeks. You wake up to find that many people have been disappearing around the castle. You have to investigate and solve the mystery behind the disappearances!

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