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A beta patch for cash_out has been released! This update contains large visual changes, along with an attempt to make the game more user friendly! Check it out!

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Cash_Out Beta 6


Cash_Out recently had a large playtesting session for feedback. Out of mixed opinions, one thing was clear; the game isn't very user friendly. This is mainly due to presentation. I spent a large chunk of this patch trying to clear that up.

Before you download this patch I'd like to say two things.
1. Career mode has been temporarily disabled. There was just too many things wrong to fix in a short period of time. I'll fix it up next patch.
2. I don't have a mod packaged as an example right now. Modding is fine, but next patch I'm doing an overhaul of how variables are stored. If you're working on a mod right now (how), sorry. The old Temple Ruins map still works but there are some inconsistencies.



The first thing you may notice when you get into the game is that it looks wildly different. Visual changes aren't anything new, but I've changed quite a bit to make the game more visually appealing and more contrasting.

With a new faux cell shading aesthetic, discerning objects should be significantly easier.

Everything is brighter and easier to see, and I feel it manages to maintain the atmosphere I was going for.


I've also redone the "tutorial". It was previously just tips, but people felt that too much information was thrown at them at once. The tutorial now functions as more than just tips. I hope this helps people to figure out how to play the game better.

Practice on this training dummy!

Right now, there's only a beginners tutorial, I'll gauge interest to see if an advanced tutorial is needed, but I don't know if it will be needed.


Another common feedback point I was getting is that the character creation screen was overwhelming. Similarly to the tutorial, I was throwing vast amount of content at the player at once. I've revamped the character creation screen to make much more streamlined.

You can now select your skills from a drop table!

Something you may ask is "where are the jobs and descriptions?". I've moved them from the character creation screen. Going up a floor (or 10 in arcade) now unlocks your job, and then your description perk! This is just experimental, if people like it this way I'll keep it.


I've also added and changed some weapons this patch. Here are the bigger additions and changes.

NEW WEAPON - AIR RIFLE: The air rifle is a rifle that does not consume ammo, but must be charged to attack. The longer you charge the attack, the more damage it deals.

WEAPON CHANGE - PROSTHETIC HOOK: This weapon functions differently, it now fires off a small hook that returns to you, so you can attack at a distance.

The prosthetic hook can be fired off a short distance!

WEAPON CHANGE - SIX SHOOTER: This weapon functions differntly, it now 100% crits when an enemy is reloading.

All the other changes were relatively minor, just speed and damage changes, check the patch notes for more information.

Thanks for reading, I hope this patch makes it less cumbersome to play the game. Remember to vote yes on greenlight! As always. the full list of changes can be found on the patch notes page.

By the way, I made a new trailer. Enjoy!

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