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A beta patch for cash_out has been released! Contains a lot of new content and new mechanics!

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Cash_Out Beta 5


Cash_Out beta 5 has been released! Despite the smaller development time for this patch, a large amount of content has been added! I'll try to detail the changes here!


One of the clear, most obvious changes should be that Cash_Out has a new HUD. The game previously ran at 640x640, but now runs at 800x600. You really never realized how hard it is to capture 1:1 resolution until you try it.

There isn't much more to say, here's a video instead.


One complaint I was getting during playtesting is how you can't tell where enemies were spawning until it was too late. This was hindering stealth. As a result I've added a "room inspect" option.

You can tell where enemies spawn now!

While in inspect mode, hovering over the door to the next room and clicking will show you the next room without actually entering it, so you can get a look of the room before you go in!


A new mechanic has been added. Previously when you took damage, you would lose health. This is very standard and I don't think it needs explaining. Now, 75% of the damage you take is applied to "bleeding" damage.

A visual indicator of bleeding, you'll drip blood all over the place!

Bleeding damage rolls down over time, so if you are fast enough you can heal up in time and survive. Dexterity decreases the speed at which is rolls down. I think this adds a new level of depth and excitement to the game.


Something I wanted to do for a while but couldn't figure out how to do it well, traps can now spawn in the level! When you trigger a trap, they'll make a large noise and will alert enemies to your position! Getting close to the trap, you can disable it though.

Tripwire traps are triggered if you walk in front of the laser.

There's currently two types of traps.
TRIPWIRE TRAP -> A static laser, if you break the line it will be triggered.
SECURITY CAMERA -> A slow rotation camera, if it sees you it will be triggered, hiding behind walls blinds it.


I felt that melee was lacking in the tech department, there was only 3 melee techs compared to 4 ranged techs. As a result I added one more, and two more melee unique weapons.

Tasers can now spawn, (for copyright reasons they're called electric prods, sorry)!

NEW TECH -> Electrified. Melee attacks shock and stun enemies for a short period of time.
NEW WEAPON -> Electric Prod. Stuns enemies and attacks very fast, you can hold it out instead of swinging.
NEW WEAPON -> Ballistic Knife. Instead of charging this knife, it is ballistic, launching very fast automatically.

That's about it for the MAJOR changes. There's some more minor changes though, check out the patch notes for more detail! Thanks!

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