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Cash_Out beta 2 has been released! This patch focuses on cleaning the game up greenlight, which means bug fixes, balance and more user-friendliness!

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Cash_Out Beta 2


Cash_Out beta 2 has been released! Along with that, the steam greenlight is now up! This doesn't mean I won't be posting patches here, there's still quite a bunch i need to do first before it's on steam formally. I'm planning to go into early access though.
This patch focused on cleaning the game up for greenlight, nothing new was added outside of new options and a new tutorial. This news post will walk you through the major changes.


You may notice when playing first that there's tips now. The first raid that you play will have a short walk-through of the basic cash_out experience. One of the biggest complaints I was getting was that people didn't know what the do, and didn't know how to play the game, so I've came up with this. If anything is still confusing don't hesitate to post here and I can clear it up.

Pressing T will move on, and pressing X will hide the tips if they are in the way.

You can go into the options, which has been cleaned up, and turn them back on if you are confused still.


With this patch there was quite a bit of smaller mechanical changes. The biggest and most obvious is the new menu and character creation screen. Another complaint I got is that it was hard to navigate but I think these new menus are much easier now, they also look better!
Aside from that, these are the biggest changes.

  • Thrown knife damage now scales with speed of the knife.
  • I've changed the way "legacy" works when you die, it is now different based on the mode you are playing.
  • I got rid of the "arcade type" option, instead you can now start at a specific difficulty in arcade mode.
  • Career mode files are now stored locally! I'll be moving more files to be stored locally as well, this actually took quite some time to add.
  • If enemies see a knocked out enemy, they'll now try to wake them up.

Knife throw damage now scales with the speed of the knife!


There was a lot of balance and bug fixes this patch, with this patch you may notice the game is harder, I've fix some enemy behavior.

  • Loot drops have been fixed, they previously were not taking into account rarity. Along with that, more rarities have been added for loot.
  • Enemy hearing scale has been increased, so they'll hear more. Along with that, object density has been lowered.
  • Enemies are now less likely to switch to their knife. This was related to their sight scale which was greatly increased last patch, so it was broken.
  • Enemies will no longer become alert during their grace period if you walk over them. Along with that, the grave period time has been greatly reduced.
  • RANDOM no longer only picks the industrial level.
  • You can no longer rage charge outside of a level by charging into the staircase. Oops.

Loot now has 5 rarity levels, and actually works now.

Along with that, there's some music now, only for the raid. I'm going to be doing some work on this, but music is fairly expensive, even royalty free music.

That's about it, again the patch didn't add too much content. Please visit the greenlight page and vote, I'd appreciate it. I'll be setting up a forum on the page for bug reporting and other issues, if you have any problems feel free to report there.
As always, check the patch notes for the full list of changes.

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