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The last alpha patch for cash_out has been released! This patch focuses on the options menu, and contains new skills, new clothing and bug fixes.

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Cash_Out Alpha 26

Cash_Out Alpha 26

Patch Notes

Patch 26 is out! This patch is fairly small compared to last patch and therefore was out quicker. The main feature of this patch was the options menu. Along with that, each class has a new skill, bringing the total up to 8. Also, I've added two new clothing sets, one to do with attack speed, and one to do with the shock effect. There is now 12 clothing sets in the game.

Options Menu

The options menu has been added! It's split up into three different sections, visual, audio and controls.
There isn't much to say about these, they're fairly straight forward. I don't have too much as far as performance goes, everything I can do would also change the gameplay too much.

Setting background detail and lighting to low doesn't do too much for framerate (probably about a 5% increase), but it does a lot for memory usage. For detail, there is a lot of pixel data stored in memory, getting rid of lighting and the background detail goes from around 45k per level to around 10k memory added per floor. Here's a comparison.


The File Is Large, So I've Made It A Link

In the visual tab, there is an option called "Language", it isn't finished yet. One goal is to have language packs that can be loaded in, This will take a while to add in though.

Controls were always re-bindable, but I accidentally made the text black, so it was impossible to see. Oops. That's fixed now. Along with that, more keys can be bound.


I've added a new skill for each class, bringing the total of each class up to 8.

Strength - Condensed Rage

Spawn a fireball out of pure rage. The fireball can be thrown, the more you charge the throw, the more area it covers and the more damage it does.

Health - Outbreak

Create a virus that leeches off nearby enemies. When it is fully grown, it replicates and heals you.

Mechanics - Railgun Turret

Spawn a railgun turret, a very slow firing turret that fires bolts of energy that pierce through enemies and deal a large amount of damage.

Stealth - Voodoo

Spawn a voodoo doll that can be thrown. When you take damage, the voodoo doll damages nearby enemies 4x the amount of damage you take.

Balance - Stance of Earth

When active, spawn rocks that rotate around your character. While in offensive mode, the rocks will deal damage and stun enemies they hit. When in defensive mode, they will block attacks.

Stance of Earth

Aim - Frozen Shot

Fire a frozen shot at enemies, any enemy hit will be frozen in place for a short period of time.
Along with that, the mechanic of "Berserk" has changed. When active, it used to prevent ammo from being used up. This was useless for melee. Now it increases firing speed by 30% when active.


Two new clothing sets have been added to the game, bringing the total up to 12 sets.


This set focuses on the "shock" status effect.
Shirt -> Increases damage dealt by the shock effect.
Jeans ->
When enemies are shocked, they are also stunned for a short period of time


This set is focused on focus fire, and firing speed.
Suit ->
Increases firing speed of all weapons.
Pants -> When enemies are hit, a percent of the damage dealt is also dealt to nearby enemies.

As you may know, this is the last alpha patch.
I was originally planning patch 25 to be the last alpha patch, but I wanted to get the options menu in. What does this mean? Most of the mechanics in the game are done, and instead of those, I'm going to be focusing on content addition now. The game is not done yet, not close.

I'm also going to be putting the game up on greenlight soon. Does this mean no more patches on indiedb? No, I'll eventually stop, but not right now. I don't know when the last patch will be going up.
I'm probably not going to be doing a kickstarter, though, it seems like too much of a hassle to me.

I'll be making a newspost when the greenlight is up, but I don't know when that'll be.

Thanks for reading!

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