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An alpha patch for cash_out has been released! This patch contains new AI and weapon changes, and a new online multiplayer game mode!

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Cash_Out Alpha 024

An alpha update for cash_out has been released! With the amount of changes and new content, this is the largest patch so far! This news posts highlights the major changes and additions.


Online play is here! Patch 24 brings the "race" gamemode that was planned for a long time. Cash Attack is a "race" gamemode that can be played offline and online, but it was designed around online play. I'll be covering the online play, it isn't TOO different than quickplay, with some things changed to suit online play.

Players are ghosts, but they can still interact with other players!

In cash attack, people are playing against each other, racing to get to the end and picking up cash along the way, the player with the most money wins, but some things have changed. Money pickups are worth 4x more, and the ending cash pile decreases in worth the longer you take. If you die while online, you don't lose, but half your money is dropped, you can pick it back up, but the bag of money is visible to everyone, meaning other players can steal your cash. When you make it out, you will be ghosted, allowing you to send messages to other players.

Network items allow you to trap and slow down your enemies!

There are currently 4 network items in the game.
Network Message -> Allows you to type a message that all connected players can see if they go to the position.
Fake Medkit -> Spawns a fake medkit (as seen above), that damages whoever picks it up 10 damage.
Hologram Spawner -> Spawns a hologram which will create a weak hologram enemy for whoever goes into the room it is in.
Fake Moneybag -> Spawns a fake moneybag, if someone picks it up, 15% of their money will be sent to the person who places it.

There will be more added, that's just it for now.

For any more questions about the online system, check out this FAQ. The port you need to open to allow people to connect is 6510.


A goal of this update was more advanced and smoother AI. There's been three major changes to the way AI works (though one really isn't an AI change).


In an attempt to allow more stealthy gameplay, you can now take enemy AI hostage, this allows you to take out enemies non-lethally. To take an enemy hostage, right click then while they are idle. Right clicking again lets them go, left clicking takes them out non-lethally. After a while, they will escape and start attacking you.

When you take an enemy hostage, other enemies will only fire at your back!


Two new AI behaviours have been added. The first optimizes movement, if enemies get stuck, they will no longer try to go after the player. Enemies getting stuck was causing massive slowdown, and in one case a crash. This has been resolved.

The other change involves blood footprints. When enemies see a footprint trail, they'll now follow the trail to try and find the player.

Along with these new changes, many bugs have been fixed. Check out the patch notes for more information.


A major issue with random weapons has been fixed. With certain stats, in order to make weapons differently, there were base stats. For example, bullet spread on shotguns started at -400 for spread. That means, if a weapon had a 50% spread bonus, the spread would be at -350, which is 14%. In order to remedy this, all weapons have bases that are directly modified by the random stats, for more variety in weapon drops.

The prosthetic hook deals more damage if you are missing more health!

Also, I've added one new base knife, the paring knife, and two new unique knives.


I've added a new difficulty, representing level 10 in arcade mode. Good luck. It's fun for online because of the utter chaos.

And that's it for this patch, check the patch notes for more information!

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