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Update 28 is now live on Steam, activating an enemy which has been lurking in the dark corners of buggy-code and was never activated. Now it's there to haunt your move! Including an improved battle-suit, and gameplay tweaks

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Amazing moment in history.. I actually completed a run in my own game! ...and noticed that the leaderboard is still not updating correctly for all boards.. so looking into that a bit more, think it has to do with how Steam handles the score upload calls or something.

I also noticed that there was a monster missing in the later levels: The Whigo. I added this many updates ago (update 15 or so?) but apparently forgot to actually make it spawn in levels.. oops! So watch out because the Whigo is now hunting the later levels of the game:

The other things are mostly fixes, also making the battle-suit be a true battle suit and protect you from radiation and alien goo.

Right now most of the work is doing some testing and interface tweaks for the mobile version. I do still want to add the little monsters that should be bursting out of those alien-purple-pods, so that's something on the list along some extra achievements probably.

But it's close to a final version.. so tell your friends!


  • fix: made smaller buttons clearer when selected
  • fix: progress-bar overlapping with “daily challenge” text on map screen


  • added: the “Whigo” monster
  • change: random radiation now also removed when ventilation turned on
  • change: Battle suit now also protects against radiation
  • change: Battle suit now also protects against alien-goo
  • fix: rooms with exits being lit to soon
  • fix: hopefully fixing the leaderboard uploads to multiple boards...
  • fix: dropping an item would sometimes crash the game
  • fix: ancient-temple could appear twice in a row
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