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CARTONEROS 0.00.6 Prototype Released - Anyone can create their own match now!

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Sorry for the bad framerate... There were multiple instances of the game running and on top of that the video capture software, so the fps was low due to this.

We've managed to roll out Cartoneros 0.00.6 before holidays!

The game client is available for download from here!

Everyone is now free to create their own match and join any available match, but our Photon networking (multiplayer provider) license only allows us to host 20 players at once, prior to upgrade.

- To playtest, we advise all players to select the $1.00 match fee tier and anywhere between 2-16 players, so that you are able to find games (there are a lot more match entry fee tier levels, so you could get lost)

- The game now has an account system by playfab, and multiplayer system by photon, create an account and then use it to login to your account each time you play

- User interface now allows you to find games from a list of games with the specified parameters

- Maximum of 20 users, until we upgrade our photon license ;)

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