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Carta Nova, a Collectibe Card RPG, is open to feedback on Square Enix Collective. Players can give suggestions and vote to give their support for indie games

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Carta Nova, a Collectible Card RPG that blends tactical card matches with an immersive story-driven world, is now open to feedback on Collective, Square Enix’s platform that helps showcase indie games to the community.

“Working with Square Enix Collective and being able to show our game to a wide audience has been a great experience for us”, said Cleber Lima, the studio’s director. “There are a lot of players that are passionate about the genre, and listening to the suggestions of the community will help us develop a better, player-focused game.”

Carta Nova features both a single player story and a multiplayer battle system. In between battles players can walk around the gameworld and challenge NPCs or other players in order to win gold or new cards

The game is played on a four by five board, with players placing individual cards in turn and trying to damage the opponents by destroying their cards and gaining full control of the board. Cards have different classes that each come with their own unique attack style - As an example, warriors can attack two adjacent cards while wizards can target distant cards. On top of this, many cards have special abilities such as healing or teleporting to provide different strategies.

The developers have made it clear that any additional DLC will be completely free of charge and there are no hidden micro transactions anywhere in the game. All cards and expansions will be entirely free, with over 600 cards available at launch. “We believe that is a sign of respect to our players, and the only way to create a truly immersive experience”, said Cleber.

The game is currently being developed for PC/Mac/Linux, with planned consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360). To check out the project and give your feedback visit

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