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here are some ambients for the carnivores 2 mod carnivorers incognito

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hello readers its is i volt archeops and i am here today to list some of the ambients,now you might be wondering what i mean by some well by that i mean that the arial ambients are not at all finished some i am here to speak about the 4 new creatures here in this mod lets get into it:

Ovirator ai 2.

Comsagnathus exactly the same ai as original will be replaced soon.

Mutant roach ai 1 will also be replaced by some other creature else soon.

deinosuchus ai 6.

and to keep everything a little less boring only having to have four creatures i will also give the three starter creatures

protoceratops ai 10.

stegoceras ai 11.

huayangosaurus 12.

–a quick disclaimer to see the full roster you will have to wait till the mod releases it firt version so there is no spoilers.

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