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Hello people this is a briefing of my newest carnivores 2 patch/addon. it is called Carnivores 2+ size fixes beta 1 of 3.

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Now if your wondering how exactly did you change each dinosaurs size in carnivores 2, well i just simply did this. I change the scale0 and scaleA values in the _RES.txt file and it was hard, i had to keep rehunting dinosaurs until i got the right size for each dinosaur and it took me 5 hours total to complete this addon.

It was fun but now its done and i will release updates of these size fixes then ill move on to other mods like carnivores Triassic or carnivores plus.

The dinosaurs are now bigger then ever but some appear smaller than they did this is info you should look out of during each of your hunts.

List of dinosaurs that are smaller:

1. Ceratosaurus

2. Stegosaurus

3. Amargasaurus

List of dinosaurs that stayed the same size:

1. T-rex

2. velociraptor

List of dinosaurs that are bigger:

1. Parasaurolophus

2. Ankylosaurus

3. Allosaurus

4. Chasmosaurus

5 Spinosaurus

Hope you all enjoy this addon!!!


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