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Finally the cars and the tracks can be saved and loaded, also I managed to figure out how the car "tuning" will work in this game.

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So first the technical part. I made some optimization to the game, so now it runs at a stable 60 FPS on my phone (Huawei P8 Lite), even with a 4x anti-aliasing so it looks and runs smoother now. Now the only performance problem is the amount of AI in a race. I want to have 20+ cars at races but right now I can't go above 15 without a huge performance loss on phone.

And now for the good part, the gameplay mechanics. The game won't be just your average car racing game where you have to "go race, win money, tuning your car, repeat" this will go like "go race, win money, make your cars have sex, repeat" which sounds much better I think.

Main Menu

The player will have 3 cars at a time, to make better performing cars you can't actually modify parts of a car, but using the "Mom" and the "Dad" cars you will be able to breed better cars and than use that car to make even better cars, and so on. Random mutations can appear which can be useful or useless sometimes.
The AI will try to use this too, so it will have better cars from race to race.

There is 2 race modes right now, but hopefully I will manage to have some other pretty cool ideas to this later on.

The game first demo/test version will be out within this month, depending on how much free time I'll have.


I love evolution games, and this is certainly original

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