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Liberte is a roguelite with deck-building mechanics that define your characters’ skills. Let's talk about cards - their types and the possibilities they give!

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Liberte's Full Launch is coming closer and closer! We want to take this opportunity to highlight the game's most important features. It may serve as a reminder for some of you and a guide to the world of a chaos-ridden alternative Paris for all new players.

Liberte is a roguelite with deck-building mechanics that define your characters' skills and can make each run an even more exciting adventure 😃

Each card has a mana cost written on it. Burning a card will earn you the mana indicated on the card. You'll need to pay the price shown on the card to play it.
In other words, you'll need to sacrifice some cards to play others. Choose wisely!

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Prebuilt Decks

When you first start the game, you can choose one from three prebuilt decks – Melee, Ranged, and Rogue. They will help you get the hang of the game and decide which playstyle suits you best. With that said, we recommend playing around with different decks and trying out different styles – this can add an additional challenge to your run 😉

Card Types

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There are 5 different types of cards accessible in your in-game menu in a hub when you first start the game:

Melee Skill ⚔️
Playing this card will use the first skill on the left of your hotbar. It will provide a stronger, more spectacular melee attack than the basic one.

Ranged Skill 🏹
These skill cards occupy the second slot from the left on the hotbar. Similarly to the melee skills above, these will be more powerful and have a broader range than the basic attack.

Support Skill 🛡️
Support skills will be visible on the third slot from the left on the hotbar. They can serve a variety of purposes, but as the name suggests, they will mainly aid your character and not deal damage.

Gadget 🧪
Playing a gadget card will use the round slot on the hotbar. They have a certain amount of charges. Once you use them up, you'll be able to either refill them or exchange them for a different gadget 😊

Talent ✨
Their effects work passively in the background from the moment you play their card.

You may have noticed that we didn't mention the fourth slot from the left available on the hotbar; This slot is reserved for Ultimate Skill Cards that you'll unlock when you face (and win) a challenge inside Bliss' Garden, found in the city during your journey.

Additionally, there are Action Cards that'll immediately affect playing them and can be found during your exploration phase in Paris. So roll and smash all the barrels and vases you see to get the most unexpected and useful cards!

Crafting Cards

While in the hub, you'll be able to craft cards in the Deckbuilder menu, using different resources that you'll earn during the game. But you'll find more on this in the next article 😉

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Keepsakes are special cards that'll become available as you progress in the game. They will act passively in the background once you play them (the cost is 0!). Many of these unique cards will have huge advantages and disadvantages, so keep that in mind!

There are 124 cards you can unlock and later mix and match to build a perfect deck that'll suit your playstyle the most, giving you the biggest chance to survive until the end 😈 Experiment and have fun!

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