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this is the first of many card reviews i'm going to do. i will tell you what i personally thing about the card and how well i think it will play in different formats. not sure if this is going to be a weekly thing yet.

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to start off, since theros just came out last week, i'll start with a god card. erebos, god of the dead. i used this card in the prerelease. it didn't do too much for me. the over all flavor of the card is alright. it's not nearly as good as the flavor of the rest of the set, but we'll get to those on a later date. this cards abilities are passible. i don't think this card has a lot of potential for limited yet. we still have 2 sets left to go for the block. it might draft great with later cards, who knows. as for constructed, in standard i don't see it getting much use. it's not quite fast enough for that format. now in modern there might be room for it. in casual i could put it into a couple of my decks especially if i'm running the bfm. in a multiplayer game. it all depends on the format. in a free for all it won't do all to well. in a team match, if its 2-headed giant it will do good, if not then i don't foresee it being useful. in legacy i think that it could mesh well with a small handfull of older cards. over all i think erebos is an okay cark and i give it a 6.5/10. com back next time when i review another card. send me a message if you want me to review a certain card.

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