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Exciting news! At least we hope so. We are making a new project.

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Some of the amazing people at Carbonite Modders are creating....... wait for it! A machinima! dun dun dun. Not only will this be exciting for us - it will (hopefully) contain your favourite ARC troopers, Alpha Squad, voiced by the same people who played them in the mod. We are almost finished on act 2 (thanks to our newest member Michronicle's rubbish amazing screenplay dialogue). I am not going to release any more details at the moment, but expect us to release more details of this very soon. Feel free to comment on your opinion for this, or even give us some ideas for the future(although our current idea is fived, when I am able to release more details on this I will, then you could help us with our current project).

RC_3556, Carbonite Modders


Well you can't say we are almost finished with act 2...we havent even started yet really and only the screenplay for act 1 and act 2 are almost finished. There is still much to be done....such as getting the time and ability to record said machinima and practice it. The storyline and the happenings are to remain a mystery until we start work on it. Then Gamma, Ulmont, Balkoth, RC, or I will bring you up to speed.

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RC_3556 Author

I meant the script, sorry. Shall we only share act 1 when we get onto filming?

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Well...we could show some of Act 1 in the trailer. We need to increase the length of them so it can actually span out into a series. Like have some goofy stuff in between.

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