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Explaining in a bit of detail the history of Carbine and where it's headed.

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Welcome to my Carbine project!

Carbine was born out of frustration. That's right, frustration. I have been working on a previous solo project called "DataHive" on and off for about 2 years. You can find some of my work on it on my channel:

But working on that for 2 years leaves you yearning for something new, something spontaneous to get oneself out of a grind. And so Carbine was born on October of 2013.

But I wanted to wait until I produced something substantial that I could be happy with showing. And that time has since arrived now. :)

For right now, here's a Youtube video of the tutorial level:

Currently, I'm just showcasing the tutorial level and one of the Earth stages, but there's plenty more coming down the pike in future months.

There isn't any release date on this yet, as the development of this is rather tentative and otherwise subject to my commitments in real life.

But I hope you'll share this journey with me through both its perilous and better times.

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