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This week a new game mode capture the flag has been added.

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It's been a while since the last post here. I was forced to take some time away from development for personal reasons but I am back now, and can get back to more frequent development and updates.

To start off I have recently created a discord server to try and grow the community and help people find other players to play with. Link below.

To start with I have replaced the majority of in game particle effects that will better match the graphics of the game. All the muzzle flashes have been replaced as you can see below. These new muzzle flashes should also mean there is a slight performance increase in the game. The previous muzzle flashes were quite intensive and could of caused a lot of fps and performance drops.


Along with the muzzle flashes I have also reworked the RPG and rocket particle effects. This follows the changes made to the speed of the rocket launcher and the way in which it will work. Rockets now travel slower and at a constant speed rather than having a force added once and the rocket travel along a trajectory, the rocket will now travel with constant force applied.


Gone Fishing

I have changed the hit indicator feedback to be less distracting and give better information. Previously I had been using a blood overlay that became more intense the closer you came to dying. I have now changed this to a hit indicator that will point in the direction that you have been shot from. So the goal here was to make the feedback when being shot less distracting and more useful.

New Hit indicator

I have been working on getting a new game objective based game mode into the game. And so I have added a CTF(Capture the Flag) game mode. This was quite a tricky task, as I had not originally planned to add other game mode types. This meant a lot of reworking old code to make the code more modular regarding game modes, and having certain in game managers less involved in game mode specific tasks. Now that the hard work is done, adding more game modes from now on should only involve creating new codes and scripts, instead of having to make changes to old code.

Along with this new game mode a new map will also be added. A new map was needed to play CTF since the other maps that were designed were not symmetrical and were only designed with slayer game types in mind. This map was designed by a member of the community and its awesome. The designers twitter handle is @BlazeDillon . Definitely worth giving a follow. The art (if you could call it that) was done by myself. With this map I wanted to try using baked lighting instead of all realtime lighting. I have never been satisfied with the screen space ambient occlusion and it always gives me a headache. I had to learn a lot about baking lightmaps in unity before I started getting decent results and workflows. But I am so happy with the results that I am considering reworking the old maps and baking lightmaps so I can get nicer looking scenes.

Here is the new CTF map !



Looks funny.

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Thanks so much

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