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A detailed update of our activities today. Enjoy! tl;dr- Andre and I are updating social media and editing the Kickstarter appeal video, Diana is creating amazing concept art, Ransom is creating original music to mix for Sol Avenger. Things couldn't be more busy!

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Hi everyone! This is Glenn, I wanted to give you a rundown of the news for today. Andre and I are expanding our social media influence as we continue to develop and sequence the kickstarter appeal video. We have made a Google+ account, and we are creating a Tumblr and a Steam account to get our game on Steam Greenlight.

We have also been developing content to share more of our progress on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to try to reach out to the community.

We are updating first with new fresh images, and we will be adding a lot more content as we come closer to our kickstarter release.

Diana is working on a lot of the concept art you will be seeing with the kickstarter and everyone is really excited to show off the Bivalvian aliens and Sol Avenger's two protagonists, a male and a female pilot whose fates intertwine as you play through the Storyline.

Ransom is developing a huge repository of original sounds to create a vibrant and creative soundtrack. Andre and I want to include elements of classic and contemporary video game sound. This will not be another space symphony soundtrack, and we hope it will not be a game you play on silent.

We were overwhelmed to see our game trending and want to thank everyone who took a look at our game. We encourage you to engage with us and we are taking steps to make a successful campaign so this game can be better developed and people can actually play what we know we can create with the right resources.

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