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a description of the mods new captain system that could change the turn of the battle

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In the mod each fraction will have a captain.they are trained in the barracks at level 3 and you can have 3 three at any time. they are a single unit and have two powers

Men of Arda= Captain of the guard (3rd age),Numenorean Captain(2nd age),edain captain(first age)
level 1=mount
level 3=toggles weapon

Durins Folk=Dwarf Lord
level 1=leadership bonus
level 3=summons a dwarf sentry

Mordor= Slave Master
level 1=leadership to slaves
level 3=summons two slave battalions

Isengard=Uruk captain
level 1=leadership to uruk-hai
level 3=the selected building is leveld tto its max level

level 1=ice blast
level 3=summons skeleton warriors

Misty Mountains=Warchief
level 1=leadership bonus
level 3= summons 3 golbin mercanaries battalions

High Elves=Imladris Veteran(3rd age),Noldor Capttain(2nd age),Son of Feanor(1st age)
level 1=toggle weapon
level 3=summons Elven sentriws

Wood Elves=Elven hunter
level 1=toggle weapon
level 3=powerful ranaged strike

Saurons Northern Forces=Cargul
level 1=morgul blade
level 3=summons gundabad orcs

Angbad=Balrog of Morgoth
level 1=switches between mace and whip
level 3=scorches the selected area

The Valar=Maiar lord
level 1=summons 2 great eagels
level 3=mounts an great eagle


Waiting impatiently to see the model/texture of the Cargul :)

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ElfLord531 Author

just to say they are weak but have much damage

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