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After a long four years making my first indie game it's time to have a postmortem and share everything I've learnt with all the other budding game developers out there. This is the first episode where I talk about the concept stage of Captain Kaon and how it went.

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Hey Peeps!

This is the beginning of my game postmortem series, where I discuss how I made my first game as an indie, Captain Kaon. I have two videos today, the first is a short introduction to a series where I talk about who I am and what a game postmortem is, to give you a bit of background ahead of my first video.

So what’s a game postmortem? At the end of development a dev team will get together and discuss how things went, so they can improve things next time around. They aren’t always a civil affair, often a game postmortem is time of impassioned debate and sometimes recriminations. But it does wonders to improve your development process by giving people a platform to deal with problems. This makes a game postmortem a powerful tool in a developer’s toolbox. Check out the intro here

Here is the first video in my game postmortem series where I talk about concept and how it went for Captain Kaon. As this is the first game I’ve made on my own, it was quite tough to get the concept right. Along the way I made a few mistakes that I’ve learnt from and I’m going to share them in this episode of my game postmortem in the hopes that it will help other people making their own games.

Concept is the first stage of game development and one of the main pillars on which you build your game. It’s important to get it write as you need to build your game on a good foundation. This was a stage of development that didn’t go to well for Captain Kaon, in many respects it was a game that should never have been made. Not because it was bad, but because it didn’t achieve enough of the criteria required to be a successful concept. Check out the video here.

To begin with there will be six videos in the series, with one being released each week. I’m planning to add more as I’m trying to cover every aspect of how a game is made from conception to final release. There’s so much that I could talk about, making Captain Kaon was an incredible four year journey that was quite eventful.

I’m trying to keep each video under 15 minutes. This is far too short an amount of time to go into detail on each topic, but I’m hoping there will be enough that it will be useful to anyone looking to learn a little about making games. In this way I hope to make my game postmortem useful.

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