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We have images of our new cannon and the Martian's tripods get an update as well as the Moddb page!

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Hey everyone, No video this week and sorry for no updates recently but here is one and I promise we will try to keep updates to a regular weekly update but remember, Sometimes we have nothing to update :) anywho here we go with this weeks...

Here is a Cannon and update on the Martian tripod made by Salsa_shark:

Also! I'd like to introduce a new theme to our page onModDB, I requested Alex (A Dev) to make a new boarder that wasen't associated with the Movie because I (And many others off and on the dev team) thought that we looked as if we were making a game for the 2005 movie which we aren't or that we looked to associated with the movie at least so, I hope you all welcome our new theme, The page has been updated with the new boarders so, Enjoy! ^_^

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