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Hooray! Cannon Crew has now been released on Steam!

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Hello there!

Good news! Get your crew together and prepare the castle - Cannon Crew is out now!

It's also 25% off for this week - so grab it while it's hot!

What's Cannon Cew?

Cannon Crew is a co-op Castle Defence Party game!
Play with a team of 1-4 and work together to stop the enemy breaching your castle walls. Feel free to get competitive within your team - the more gold you can snatch or jobs you complete will give you a higher score than the others - but don't get too distracted from the incoming horde!

The Steam release came with a bunch of new features too!

The first one is Commandable AI Helpers - if you choose to attempt the Campaign alone in Singleplayer these chaps will lend a hand if you need them! They can also be hired from the Tavern in Multiplayer!

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Another brand new feature is the introduction to NEW cannonball types - you'll now need to watch out for FIRE BALLS!

These hot bois will set one of your cannons on fire and make it unusable for a short time so watch out!

giphy 53

What else is new? Well....

There's a lot of confetti now!

giphy 56

Here's a video of some people playing Cannon Crew in an attic:

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