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New patch, updated older port and more dog mods in this week's MacenWolf post.

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Welcome back! While this update might not be the best and most amazing of all times, we nevertheless bring you another MacenWolf patch, fix up an earlier, flawed port and provide three mapsets to round the whole thing out. The toil and trouble never end.

First of all, MacenWolf 1.18. Door sides were often shaded by default before this patch, which was wrong; this is now fixed. Also, automap behavior was modified to let you see tiles affected by the famous south/east corner trick, so you have a better idea of where to look for that pesky hidden key or whatnot.

Download Second Encounter patch

MacenWolf 1.18 Patch for Second Encounter

Download Second Encounter full game

MacenWolf Second Encounter 1.18

Download Third Encounter patch

MacenWolf 1.18 Patch for Third Encounter

Download Third Encounter full game

MacenWolf Third Encounter 1.18

Second, Afrika Korps Assault is now updated; if you have an old version, please download it again. The issue was, some transparet wall quadrant objects appeared in numerous places, overwriting decorative objects and, in at least one case, blocking the player's progress. Missing objects were restored manually, and in fact the 1.18 patch fixes the blocking behavior of wall quadrant objects on otherwise empty tiles even if I didn't remove them by hand. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry, the matter is fairly esoteric and should not affect the end user much. So again, please re-download Afrika Korps Assault if you have the old version; else you don't even have to care.

Download Afrika Korps Assault

Afrika Korps Assault

Now on to mods! This time we're continuing a theme from a much earlier posting. Hint: it's dogs. Since Dermuda is constantly acquiring new scenarios, a few more dog mods came up since the previous such post, so let's cover them now.

Number one: dog by Ddor4, a First Encounter mapset with 5 maps. Said maps consist mostly of straight passages and rectangular rooms with lots of dog in them, though there are also some other enemies along the way. The fifth floor is the largest of the bunch by a huge margin, but remains similar in overall mapping style and design. No miracles here, just dog slaughter.


dog 1


Number two: DogWorld by Do(u)g Ingram. DogWorld is a single, medium-sized map for the First Encounter. The vast majority of the map is occupied by a fairly large, open-ended area with lots of gray brick blocks in your way and dogs charging from all directions. Once you repel the canine onslaught, your progress will be blocked by two groups of entirely human enemies and bosses whom you must lure into the same area and kill without getting surrounded. Neat stuff.

Doug Ingram.

DogWorld 1


And finally, Dungeon of Dogs is another single First Encounter floor by Patorei. Yes, dogs are sprinkled all over this extensive map, but there's plenty of other enemies to keep things fresh. Generally speaking, the level is highly decorated and designed in a very chaotic way, giving the impression of a place created by natural processes rather than by human hand (although wall textures, obviously, indicate otherwise). It's interesting and worth checking out.


dungeon dogs 1

Dungeon of Dogs

That's all for today. I hope you're doing well.

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