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Customizable characters, smarter enemy AI, improved UI, plus long list of tweaks, changes, fixes and more!

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+ Added support for character customizations
+ Added character customization dialog
+ Added customizable survivor character
+ Removed survivor 1 character
+ Removed survivor 2 character
+ Added torch weapon, pickup and level builder asset
+ Friendlies now flee when severely wounded
+ Frenemies now flee when severely wounded
+ Included numerous tweaks and improvements to ui
+ Added 5 second respawn delay
+ Added fog level builder asset
+ Added custom spawner level builder asset
+ Swordsmans no longer start with stomp and blue spirit skills
+ Berserkers no longer start with blue spirit skill
+ Wizards no longer have start with stomp skill
+ Greatly increased distance zombies will move towards targets
+ Fixed issue that resulted in characters not always attacking when they should have been
+ Fixed issue where pickups fall through ground
+ Reduced greatly how far gold will be thrown when it is spawned
+ Changed it so that pickups do not roll as much
+ Characters now immediately attack their target as soon as they move into attack distance
+ Characters now gets slightly closer to target before attacking them
+ Reduced by 50% the number of characters spawned in insane asylum game mode
+ Reduced by 50% the number of characters spawned in free for all game mode
+ Reduced by 50% the number of characters spawned in mad house game mode

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