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New game modes and lots of tweaks, changes, fixes and even additions!

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+ Added new free for all, frenemies, mad house and insane asylum single player game modes
+ Added smaller scaled version of CandyLand level
+ Added candy themed pickups to boss zombie drops
+ Added out of bounds objects to level so that characters cannot walk off the level
+ Players are now able to interact with NPC characters when close by using the new interact binding
+ Changed AI logic so that ai characters are move lively
+ Redid safe area logic so that enemies will now ignore the target when they enter a safe area
+ Increased size of spawn areas so that characters are spread out more
+ Changed to new bouncy bouncy gravity
+ Reduced how high characters can jump
+ Now when characters are removed any associated information is completely deleted from saves
+ Helm now has an inside texture
+ Made numerous changes to UI code so that it will behave as more expected
+ Changed style of scrollbars to match rest of UI
+ Scroll icons are now used to represent scrolls
+ Stats level up button now only displays for stats that can be leveled up
+ Dialog position and state are now saved as soon as it changes
+ Cursor is now locked when player respawns
+ Added numerous new keyboard bindings, mostly for future use
+ Added pickups to level builder
+ Added endless fun, free for all, frenemies, mad house and insane asylum spawners to level builder
+ Level builder duplicate operation now uses the position, rotation, and scale of the source game object
+ Level builder assets now scale properly

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