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A Description of the Campaigns in the full version of the mod

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A description of the campaigns in the full version of the mod.

there will be the original bfme 1 campaign and two new campaigns in the first full release of the mod. the will be one based on the events of the silmarlion where you play as the free peoples and some levels you will play as the forces of Morgoth or sauron .The other campaign will be based on peter Jacksons hobbit trilogy .

Here are the levels for the silmarlion campaign

1. building of Untumno (Forces of Morgoth)
2.destruction of the trees and taking of the silmarli(forces of Morgoth
3. siege of Gondolin (forces of morgoth)
4. Rise of Angbad
5. destruction of Untumno (free peoples)
6.death of Ancalagon(free peoples)
7.Siege of Angbad (free peoples)
8.Assault on Erigorn(forces of Sauron)
9.Assault on Valinor(the Valar)
10.Battle of Dagorlad(last alliance of men and elves and dwarves)
Here the levels for the hobbit campaign

1.Sack of Erebor
2.Battle of Azanulbizar
3.skirmish in the ettermors
4.battle in goblin-town
5.Spiders of Mirkwood
6.retaking Erebor
7.Bard the dragonslayer
8.Battle of The Five Armies

Soon i will also release some new map from the mod


Bard The Dragonslayer mission will be a short mission i assume.Just like in the movie 3-5mins their fight last.Like 1v1 Hero battle
Battle Of Dagorlad-Just like in the movie open war.Need to make a tactic because you are 10times outnumbered.But you have tons of units so that won't be a problem

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ElfLord531 Author

Bard the dragonslayer actually will be slightly different because have dale archers aswell
2.smaug has a lot of health
3.the final part of the mission is where you a traveling to dale where there are many goblins and wargs while you travel there.

so the mission will have a long duration

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