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Conflict on the Horizon Once More The First Battle Is Starting

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Conflict on the Horizon Once More

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[22ME] had defeated the [GCSI], the source of the previous seven Great Conflicts in the world. With Eurasia and Africa conquered under one name, a rebellion force has risen to fight against the communist government. The group, naming themselves the Freedom Fighting Force ([3XF]), is being led by the outspoken General Vercety. [3XF] is gaining allies and power as it organizes the first assault on key [22ME] installations.

General Turk_Seso of the Hell Frost army caught word of this movement and offered his armor and troops to the cause. Hell Frost army fought bravely in the first and second Great Conflicts in the world. However, the army was defeated and dissolved across Europe. Now, united, the [3XF] and [HF] armies prepare for their first and deadly strike at the heart of [22ME], Minsk.

Commando units infiltrated the city’s defense network and shut it down. Soon after, the combined armies’ forces rolled into town. [22ME] garrisons quickly mobilized to deal with the threat to their capital. [HF] and [3XF] Titans supported the assault on the city. Soon, strange blue bursts were seen blazing up towards the rebel force’s Titan group. Almost immediately Titan’s began falling out of the sky as they fell to pieces. A fine dust floated down as ground forces continued their assault. [22ME] had engineered a new deadly weapon of war. Its name is the Meta-Crystal Phase Shifter. This technology penetrates shields and turns metal into powder, thus weakening the hull integrity of the target to a critical state until it collapses upon itself.

Although [22ME] bested the rebels in technology, the rebels had the advantage in numbers, surprise, and the will for freedom, and captured the capital. As weeks progressed, the rebels finally defeated the communist regime. However, the result after the successful rebellion was a struggle for power between the [3XF] and [HF].

AA batteries opened fire on a [22ME] transport high in orbit, unknown to the gunners, carrying the plans and critical components to the MCPS system. The ship exploded in midair and the parts to this advanced technology spread across the atmosphere raining across all of Eurasia. Both armies got word of this event and mobilized forces to possible crash sites to recover parts for this powerful technology. As units from both sides came across each other at sites, war broke out as they battled for possession of the parts. [HF] and [3XF] are now locked in Conflict over this powerful MCPS technology in an effort to gain the advantage in technology.

What will be the outcome of the first clash over this technology? Will [3XF] recover enough parts first to reverse engineer this technology or will [HF] gain it and use the MCPS system to annihilate [3XF] forces? You decide!

Help decide the first battle! Pick up your gun and join the Conflict today!

Writer: thegreenslime
Editor: thegreenslime
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