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Patch 2 was released August 1. Patch 2 is not save-game compatible and does not include most of the work I have done since July 2020. The patch primarily addresses bugs and a few other things that have been brought to my attention or that I discovered since the release of Ver. 3. I am still working on the next version and it will be ready for release soon.

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Change List for Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising v3.0 Patch 2
⦁ Patch 1 is not save-game compatible with v3.0 saves. This patch is not a full module. It contains only the files, resources, textures, and objects that were modified through July 2020.

These are the fixes and changes made for this patch:
1. Fixed the missing village elder for Uzgha village.

2. Fixed prison scene bugs for Starfall Castle and Jamiche Castle.

3. Fixed siege scene problem for Curaw by changing to native scene.

4. Fixed the native kite shields that some players have found to be too shiny.

5. Fixed problem with a Sarranid shield texture.

6. Added an elite infantry troop to Gerioan troops (they now have elite cavalry and elite infantry) and modified some of the Geroian troops equipment.

7. Slightly modified the Khergiz party templates to make them a little less powerful since they are cavalry heavy.

8. Changed the Khergiz trained skirmisher from level 20 to 15 as intended.

9. Fixed the animations on some of the new map flags that weren't waving.

10. Other small changes that I cannot remember. If recall them I will list below.

New Upcoming Features

As I stated in the summary, I am still working on the next update. This current patch only addresses the bugfixes and other changes I made prior to July of 2020 and does not include the other changes, which I will discuss below:

1. Made substantial changes to the Geroian and Khergiz armors- created a number of new armors for both factions, made some changes to the troop trees and party templates.

2. Added Custom ranged troops to the Custom troops that are hired from villages having manors.

3. Further refined the improved morale and routing system based on JacobHinds' work.

4. Made some fixes to the outpost system so that game won't crash when demolishing the fort (thanks to help from Tocan of Tocan's Calradia fame).

5. Added a modified version of JRider's expanded aristocracy titles so that the Lords' and Player's title will be determined by what kinds of fiefs they hold. I modified the coding so that the titles does not reflect the relationship with their king because I didn't care for that feature.

6. I am still working on adding heraldic banners for the pennon carriers.

7. I have decided not to add full custom troops system because it will interfere with my assigning culture at start coding. You will still be able to get custom troops in the castles/towns and villages you own so long as you have built a barracks (castle/town) or manor (village).

8. I have decided to hold off an adding an invading faction. I have very little time for modding at this time and wanted to focus on polishing what I have done up to this point so that it can be released soon. Should I have time in the future I will certainly consider adding the invading faction. As anyone who mods Warband knows, adding a new faction is a lengthy and complex process. I have done it by adding 3 factions already (Keltons, Khergits, Geroians).

9. This list doesn't include all the changes for the upcoming version but should give a flavor of what to expect. As usual I am play-testing in between changes to make sure things work right.

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