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This patch updates the version to v. 2.51 and is save-game compatible with ver. 2.5 saves. The changelog for this patch is shown below.

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Changelog for Patch 1 (Ver. 2.5 to 2.51)


  • Fixed the Black Khergit lair issue.

  • Fixed the duplicate banner issue.

  • Replaced the particle systems file that was causing crashes.

Troop Changes

No changes were made to troop stats. Several changes were made to troop equipment:

  • Caravan Guard- replaced the leather gambeson with a new leather coat.

  • Swadian Spear Throwing- added a cloth coat to inventory.

  • Swadian Scout Crossbowman- took away cloth coat, added leather gambeson to inventory.

  • Nord Mounted Raider- removed nord lamellar shirt from inventory.

  • Rhodok common troops- changed some of the axes for troops equipped with axes.

  • Khergiz Horseman- added a spear to inventory.

Item Changes

  • Improved several of my own armor textures.

  • Created several new armors to replace unused armors or armors from other OSPs.

  • Reduced the size of the Kelton kite shields to match the tableau kite shields.

  • Modified two of the hewing spears to permit more effective use on horseback.

Scene Changes

  • Replaced the Tonbridge Castle scene with the Heardburgh Castle scene.

  • Replaced the Heardburgh Castle scene with Pevensy Castle from the Historic Castles Project OSP by Adorno.

  • Fixed the Black Khergit lair scene.

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I hope so. I was just notified of a few troop issues, like missing javelins for Swadian Javelin Throwers and no power-throw for some Kelton troops. It seems no matter how systematic I try to be in making changes a few things still manage to not get detected. Well, at least they're not game-breaking issues and are easily fixed.

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