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The new version is ready for download. This mod is compatible with Warband versions 1.153-1.172. NOTE: If you are having troubles playing the mod in Warband 1.172, try Warband 1.168. Version 2.5 is not save-game compatible with older mod versions.

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The new version is ready for download. This mod is compatible with Warband versions 1.153-1.172.

Calradia 1050 A.D.:  Mercenary Uprising ver 2.5

Version 2.5 is not save-game compatible with older mod versions.

Changelog from Version 2.01 (with patches) to Version 2.5


  • Each faction (except the Khergiz) have two footman lines that diverge from the tier 3 footman. One line is armed with regular one-handed spears while the other line is armed with a special two-handed pole-arm. For example the Nord Skilled Spearman upgrades to Nord Veteran Spearman or Nord Veteran Halberdman. The Nord Veteran Spearman upgrades to Nord Spear Leader and the Nord Veteran Halberdman upgrades to the Nord Halberd Leader. (In the previous version 2.01, the two veterans upgraded into a single sergeant).

  • Each faction (except the Khergiz) has a skirmisher line that can upgrade from the tier 2 infantry. The skirmishers are designated as infantry rather than archers and I have added a script that forces them to be equipped with throwing weapons. The advantage of this change is that the player's constable will always upgrade troops to archers if the player requests this. Under the old system, the troops might upgrade as skirmishers or archers since both are ranged troops.

  • Each faction has an elite troop at level 35. The Swadian, Eastern, Sarranid, and Khergiz elite troops are mounted while the Vaegir, Nord, Rhodok, and Kelton elite troops are not. Thus, the elite troops for the Swadian, Eastern, Sarranid, and Khergiz factions is part of the mounted professional upgrade path while the elite troops for the Vaegir, Nord, Rhodok, and Kelton factions is part of the infantry professional upgrade path. Only the Nords and Custom Troops (hired from castle/town barracks) can upgrade to their Elite troops from both of their professional lines. Only the kings' party templates include the elite troops, which is the same as in prior version.

Faction Troop Changes:


  • I have added a mounted commoner troop for the Swadians. The Swadian Veteran Militia (level 20) upgrades to either a mounted sergeant or foot sergeant (level 25 common).

  • Added a Senior Man-at-Arms (level 30) to the professionals line.


  • Added a Druzhina infantry to the professional line (level 30).

  • Added a Vaegir Druzhina Archer to the Vaegir professional line (level 30).


  • Replaced the Guard with the Skutatos (Level 25).

  • Added a Noble Guard to the professional line (Level 30).


  • Added a Mounted Raider to the Raider line (level 25 common).

  • Added a Hirdmann to the Professional line (level 30 professional).

  • Both the Hirdmann and Huscarl can upgrade to Nord Elite, the Nords are the only faction that has two different upgrades paths to elite.


Added a new line to the Rhodok professionals, starting with Rhodok Comite (level 25), which upgrades to Rhodok Equite (level 30). The Equite is mounted.


  • Added the Sarrandid Ghulam to the professional unmounted line (Level 30).


  • Added Kelton Dryhtmann (level 25) to the professional infantry line. The Dryhtmann upgrades to either the Kelton Gesith or Kelton Mounted Gesith, both level 30.


  • The Khergiz Trained footman (level 15 common) upgrades to either the Khergiz Veteran Footman or the Khergize Veteran Skirmisher, both level 20.

New Commoner Troops (non-faction)

  • I have added an archer option to the adventurer line of troops that starts with the "Farmer." The Farmer now branches off to either Novice Adventurer or Warder Archer. The warder archer is armed with longbow and axe.

  • I have created two new higher tiers for Caravan Masters. Caravan Master is level 10, Veteran Caravan Master is level 15, and Senior Caravan Master is level 20.

New Outlaws

  • Coastal Pirates spawn in Kelton Lands and have lairs.

  • Black Khergits spawn in Khergiz lands and have lairs.

New companion changes

  • Added dialogs for the 4 new companions permits player to send them on missions.

  • Each of the 4 added companions is equipped with armor and weapons from the faction they had served.

Troop Attributes: I modified the way attributes are assigned to common, professional, and elite troops:

  • Common troops (not including archers and skirmishers) have defined attributes of str_10 | agi_7 | int_8 | cha_8

  • Professional troops have defined attributes of str_12 | agi_8 | int_8 | cha_8.

  • Elite troops have defined attributes of str_14 | agi_8 | int_8 | cha_8

Troop pay changes

  • The base troop pay was reduced to 76% of the original value.

  • Un-mounted commoner troops are paid on this base scale.

  • Un-mounted Professional troops are paid 50% more than the base.

  • Un-mounted Mercenary troops are paid 50% more than the base.

  • Mounted troops are paid 100% more than the base. Given the reduction of the base, this is only slightly higher than in Native Warband.

Troop Face changes

  • Discontinued use of Nemcheck's "improved ethnic faces" codes except for Sarranids. All other faction troops use Native Warband codes.

  • Use several male faces from Jedidiah Q's OSP.

  • Changed most Eastern Province lords and Khergiz lords face codes to make them distinct from each other.

  • Changed the names of all Eastern Province Lords to reflect a more Byzantine culture.

Troop Recruitment Changes

  • Village Manor recruitment of Special Archers- Building a manor in village permits player to recruit normal village troops or better-trained and better-equipped archers/crossbowmen.

  • Castle/Town Barracks recruitment of custom troops is unchanged from last version.

Troop Equipment Changes

  • I have made numerous changes to the troop equipment, too many to list here. I have tried to give each faction distinctive weapons and armor to differentiate them from other factions.

  • All commoner foot soldiers will spawn with spear and one-handed weapon.

  • I have made "light" versions of all the bows so that ranged troops having lower power draw can use their faction's bow. The damage caused by light bows is also adjusted down.

  • I have tried to limit the use of pure two-handed weapons for professional troops since a certain percentage of troops equipped with two-handed weapon will spawn without a shield. Instead I have used the two-handed pole-arms such as the long axes and other similar weapons that I have added to the items. Each faction has its own special types of two-handed polearm. Some of the higher-tier mounted troops and lords will be found with regular two-handed weapons.

  • I have added a large number of new arms, armors, and shields. Many of the new armors and shields are of my own design using Native and/or OSP meshes. I have also improved a number of my armor and weapon textures from the previous versions.

  • I have taken certain armors and weapons that did not fit the time period out of the stores. There are still a few anachronistic weapons but I leave it up to the player to either use or not use them.

  • I have tried to standardize the weight, armor values, and prices of the heavy and elite armors. These armors will be quite expensive to purchase.

  • I have used Rongar's Item Factionizing tool to factionize the items in the stores.

  • As of now, the total item count is 1800.


  • Added my own script to enable the hiring of special ranged troops in villages having a manor.

  • Expanded the script for hiring Noble Equites to also include a chance at Adventurers, Warder Archers, and Fighter Women. You must have an honor rating of 10 or higher to have these troops ask you for work.

  • Added a modified version of Tocan's script to have liege give the player armor after becoming a vassal.

  • Added a script to force skirmisher troops to have throwing weapons (since skirmishers are now classified as infantry rather than ranged).

  • Changed scripts to give new outlaws lairs and starting quest.

  • Added scripts for 21 new banners.

  • I am sure I am forgetting some other script changes....


  • Win amount is 500 denars.

  • Equipment changes- lance replaced with blunt spear, two-handed sword replaced with practice mace, javelins removed.


  • Change from 14 days to 30 days to re-enter service of lord before being declared a deserter. This is important change, especially when either the player or lord the player is serving gets imprisoned.

  • After 30 days the player can request to be retrained as a Professional, allowing promotion to the highest tier.


  • I made a few improvements to the siege scene of Ashford. The defenders should no longer get bottled up as they rush reinforcements to the breach.

  • I added starting quest bandit lair scenes to the Kelton and Khergiz lands.


  • I have added 21 new banners from the unused banner sheet. The player can select these banners- they will be the last set of banners to choose from.

The new item OSPs added for ver. 2.5 include:

  • Raptor OSP-selectedweapons.

  • Stepan Dinavoa OSP- armor.

  • Battle of Europe OSP- several armors.

  • Several armors and weapons from previously credited OSPs such as IgorBB OSP (May 2016) and others (see credits lists below).

  • If I have somehow omitted your own work from the list, I apologize for the oversight. Please PM me at Redleg99 is my user name.

I have also taken Charan's Polished Skyboxes out of the mod.

sambob - - 382 comments

Good work, Redleg!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
maximuspower - - 16 comments

look nice

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
louishenriboussenard - - 1 comments

Good work, but crash on tournaments in Aderkhan, in menu Marketplace and quest on recover one their family members from a prison in an opposing castle, particularly in Kelton lands. Please fix it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Redleg99 Author
Redleg99 - - 960 comments

These crashes are unexpected. Is the Marketplace crash in any particular town? Can you tell me more about the crashes? For example, did the tournament crash occur during the tournament or in the menu? Did the castle crash occur in the prison or after the prison break?

Reply Good karma+2 votes
abuzozozeperumo - - 1 comments

Crash on tournament in menu, when betting, and crash during pirson get out of jail. Main hero appears under water in corner map. Sometimes your troops stay in battle, but very rarely, probably this bug game.=)(Sorry for my english)
This mod really compatible with Warband version 1.172? I attempt install this mod on version 1.158 and crashes dissapear.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Redleg99 Author
Redleg99 - - 960 comments

It should be compatible with 1.172. I am using 1.168 and my understanding is that mods working with 1.168 should work with 1.172. I could be wrong.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Redleg99 Author
Redleg99 - - 960 comments

Thanks for that info about Warband 1.172.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Redleg99 Author
Redleg99 - - 960 comments

Those crashes are most likely due to Warband 1.172 graphics changes and not to my mod. Try using Warband 1.168 and see if the crashes go away.

I have tested Aderkan arena and marketplace and have found no crashes with Warband 1.168. Please keep in mind that Aderkan is a very large town and as such is graphics intensive. Your PC might not be configured in an optimal way for play the mod with Warband 1.172.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Redleg99 Author
Redleg99 - - 960 comments

If you are having issues with crashes during game-play, you might want to replace the mod's particle_systems.txt file with the one from Native Warband.

I made some changes to the particle systems that seem to be causing problems for certain PCs, including my own. I made the changes just prior to release and didn't have any issues with it at first but now do. The native particle_systems.txt file seems to fix the problems.

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