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This is the grand opening of a group dedicated to the upcoming indie games "call of kings"

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First of all, I want to thank you for coming to this group.
Secondly I want to tell those of you who do not know what "Call of Kings" is, what it is:

As the game will be in a First person perspective, this shall allow for fierce melees and skilled shots killing the most heavily armoured knight.Will you be a Fearsome knight bidding to his kings call? Or a blacksmith that fevers away making the finest Swords or a common farmer the choice is yours.

As there will be no skills (Only player skill) This shall allow you to do as you wish as long as you got the skill and resources. You will be able to design your own castles and buildings to suite your needs, through the use of blueprints of which can be customized to the players demands (And Player created for buildings)

The main features will include,

  • Realistic physics
  • A massively multiplayer experience
  • Immersive gameplay
  • A huge selection of jobs (most of them player driven)
  • A unique crafting system
  • A huge selection of historic weapons to ue and craft (and also customise)
  • A huge world that covers the vastness of Europe


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