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Development Update of 8th December, 2016. Started the debugging phase. Still polishing and refining the Omaha Beach Map. Breda scrapings and more.

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The project is starting to get its definitive shape.
Today, I started the Debugging phase of the mod. I am currently playing the Ponyri mission and there are no big issues so far.


Recently, I managed to change the color of the sleeves of the player. This way, the player's uniform will match the one of his comrades.

- US 3rd Army division (North africa; Salerno; Brolio)

CoDUOSP 2016 12 07 17 52 40 39

- US 29th Army Division (Omaha; Aachen.) (note the tan\greenish color)

CoDUOSP 2016 12 07 17 48 43 81

- US 101st Airborne Division Winter Uniform (Bastogne; Hurtgen; Foy; Noville)

CoDUOSP 2016 12 07 17 53 47 66

I also deleted the flag patches from the 101st unifrom during the Normandy Missions, as suggested by one of you.

Custom Briefings:

First of all, I wish to thank you for all the support that you gave to this part. I have edited all the audio files you sendt me and I finished all the four custom briefing missions


Omaha Beach Updates

The map is basically finished, but it is still pretty rough. I sendt antonio a couple of Ideas to make it look better and more epic. Please bare in mind that we're working on a very old engine (the same of quake 2).

However, I am very satisfied with the design of the map itself, that is coming out almost Photorealistic, having that "time-machine" feeling that we all know and love.

shot0000 copy

I even made some custom models specifically for this map:

- Belgian Gate:

shot0000 8

- German Panzerstellung Turret (Panzer IV)


- Bangalores tube.

Release Date

As I said the project is coming to its final form and it will be ready to be released soon. We just need to polish the Omaha map and finish the debugging phase.
Hopefully, we will manage to release the mod during this holidays, so stay tuned: santa may bring some mods under your christmas trees!

That's all for now, stai tuned for more updates on this huge project!



Nice job,can't wait to play your campaign!

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Didn't know, that you speak norwegian. :-p
(sendt means sent in norwegian)

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I'm so excited! And i just cant hide it :D

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Actually its Idtech3 engine(quake3), but its old anyway :)

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It's a pity I don't see "Operation Market Garden" campaign maps on the previous list.

Seeing those maps being given the treatment this mod promises would make for quite the interesting revisit to a fun set of missions. :)

Ah well, I still eagerly await this mod!

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How about Doyle's flight suit for 2 of his missions as a plane gunner?

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This is amazing! I will give a try Omaha soon.

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