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I started writing out of boredom. This is only a part, because I didn't finish it. I don't know if I will. Anyway, here you are. P.S. Be sure to comment.Overview: This is a text version of the Bog mission in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare with a few changes. Written from Sergeant Paul Jackson's point of view.

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…We stopped on the overpass for a rest and then continued moving towards “War Pig”’s last known location.
But we were ambushed by a group of rebels from a nearby building. The guys from the front row dropped like flies, torn to pieces by machine gun fire. The rest of us sprinted down the overpass to a nearby set of stairs and down the stairs to the base of the building where the rebels ambushed us.
We went through what was once the entrance to the building, switching our night visions on with lust for vengeance for this cowardly slaughter of our friends in our hearths. As we entered the almost totally decimated building, we saw them on the 1st floor of the other quarter of the ruined building. Me, Roycewicz and Vasquez advanced into the bottom of the rebel held quarter.
“Jackson, you and Roycewicz head upstairs and take out that machine gun!” Vasquez said while taking cover behind a broken wall.
Roycewicz and I just nodded and head up stairs as ordered. Then suddenly a rebel caught Roycewicz as he stepped over to the resting area of the stairs. The rebel got Roycewicz by both of his arms and wrestled with him.
Roycewitz managed to push him a bit, giving me a clear shot. I took the chance and put a bullet through his brain.
“Are you alright?” I asked
-“Yeah, I’m fine. Lets continue.”
We got to the first floor and saw a line of unsuspecting rebels taking cover amongst the hall’s walls, and on the far end, there was a room with partial walls still surrounding it. That’s where the MG was. We had the dark as our advantage, as the rebels didn’t posses any night vision goggles. Me and Roycewitz quietly got into a corner where we were directly facing the whole line width-wise. They didn’t know what hit ‘em as a volley of bullets pierced through their bodies. We had to be quick, for the rebels in the room would notice very soon that they had just lost eight of their comrades. They just noticed that their quarter of the building went more silent as we came in and fired at them. Every rebel in the room was dead. Just as we approached the MG, a rebel hiding behind a sofa in the next room fired and managed to hit Roycewitz’s arm. Luckily, he fell behind a wall that provided cover from the insurgent’s AK-47. The rebel ran out of bullets and then I leaned to my right just enough to see where I was shooting. I shot a burst at the sofa and saw blood coming out of the holes and being sucked into the pillows.
As I was nearing Roycewitz to see his wound and I reloaded on the way we heard Vasques shouting:
“Jackson, more rebels coming out from the east” I looked up and saw them just opposite of our position on what’s left of the second and third floor. “Take them out with that machine gun!”
Without thinking, I ran up to the machine gun and shot every rebel I saw and also to make sure, I shot through the walls and got three more.
“Good job Jackson!” I heard on my radio “Now everybody, to the tank, on the double!”
I quickly remembered Roycewitz.
“Sir, Roycewitz’s been hit. He need’s a medic” I said through my radio to Vasquez.
“OK, I’ll send a medic right away to your position. You come with us to help us defend that tank!” replied Vasques via the radio.
Then I looked up to Roycewitz.
“Are you gonna be OK?” I asked him while he was trying to sit straight in the corner while leaving a small trace of blood on the nearby wall.
“Yeah, you go on, I’ll be fine.” he said, clearly in pain.
I reluctantly left the room and ran down the corridor. By the way I saw two marines about to breach a door, so I stopped to help them. The one with the shotgun shot the door and the other kicked it into the room and I rushed in. An insurgent turned to me and I pulled the trigger but I only heard a loud click as I realized to my own horror that in my heist to the MG I had forgotten to new ammo charger into my rifle. The rebel now recovered from the fear I would kill him and had an evil grin on his face as he aimed his AK on my chest. I thought I was finished as I heard a loud bang. But the bang came from behind me and I opened my eyes just to see the rebel flying through the air and hitting the wall. It was the shotgun equipped marine that saved my life.
“Next time, don’t forget to reload.” he said with a small smile on his face.
I nodded in shame and put a new charger into my M4A1 and searched the room for intel. I found a laptop with some plans and documents on it, so I downloaded them onto my flash memory disk and moved on.
I didn’t have any time to waste, so I sprinted down the hall, went down the stairs and got there in the knick of time, just as we got to our positions.
“Sir, there’s a ton of them out there!” yelled out staff sergeant Griggs while barraging the enemy with his 50. cal. rounds.
“Shut up and keep them pinned down!” shouted lieutenant Vasques with an angry tone in his voice.
I moved out to their right flank around a building that seemed to be a bar before it was completely scavenged for useful items and drinks. I moved past a dumpster and then I was hit by the back of the rebels AK right in the face. Luckily I recovered just in time to pull out my knife an slide it against his throat. I moved around the corner, just to see two more by the side of a car. They haven’t seen me, so I moved behind a concrete block and gently threw a grenade under the car. The grenade exploded and the car followed with an explosion instantly and rolled over the bodies of the rebels behind it. It distracted a few of the rebels and fighting with Griggs and the others and that moment was their doom.
I moved quickly while the other rebels were suppressed by incoming fire from the others and entered the once-was-a-bar building. The ground floor was clear, so I moved up to the roof. While I was walking up the stairs I saw a rebel that was hiding behind the right wall waiting for me to rush through the door out of the small room with some crates in it. I pulled my knife and held it in one hand and held my rifle in the other. The rifle felt heavy. I rushed from behind one crate, shoot the sniper that had been standing on the other end of the roof and stabbed my knife into the chest of the rebel waiting in the corner. I now had the high ground and shot five rebels with ease. Then I noticed that a door to a terrace of an apartment of the building across street of the bar I was standing on top of. I shot at it with a large burst of bullets piercing the glass door so and hitting a rebel sniper that had been behind it and his body crashing through the door.
With a smile on my face because we killed all the rebels, I turned and looked up to the overpass just to be shocked as I saw snipers, RPGs and regulars forming a line through out the whole overpass. I quickly sprinted to the ground floor.
I heard Vasques’ voice on the radio:
“UAV just spotted tanks rolling on the overpass. Private Baker, get up to the roof and destroy the tanks with the javelin!”
I watched the private come my way as I provided covering fire, but a sniper took him out and the javelin fell out of his lifeless hands onto the ground.
Then again I heard lieutenant Vasques over the radio again:
“Jackson, take the javelin to the roof and take out those tanks!”
I sprinted to Baker’s body and took the javelin up to the roof. Although I couldn’t see the tanks, I had them locked on radar and fired away the first missile. It first slowly went up a few meters into the air and then discarded it’s shell and flew fast into the sky and then came head on with double speed to the ground hitting the tank straight into the turret base ending with a big explosion and the turret being blown out high into the air and then hitting two rebel RPGs who fell over the overpass and somewhere out of sight between some buildings. Now all attention turned to me. All RPGs turned and fired their rockets at me which made me return to the ground floor until they paused so I could make another shot. I took out another one.
“Well done Jackson, one more to go.” said lieutenant Vasques. Just as he said that, a sniper shot right by my ear, rendering it deaf for a minute. I finally took out the third which made the rebels retreat.

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