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"Call of DOOM: Black Warfare" is available. Players can fight DOOM monsters with high quality firearms imported from the Call of duty universe.

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V2 update has been released!

There are no new weapons or new elements, but many bug fixes and ACS improvements have greatly improved compatibility with other custom maps.
This was made possible with the help of great mod customizer Wally0222.

Saved data is not compatible between V2 and older versions, so be careful if you already have save data.

-Renamed all ACS Scripts (from number to named), now it's less likely to conflict with other addons and maps.
-Now players won't see any warning and error messages when launching with GZDoom/LZDoom, but not with some custom maps and addons.
Note: Players are unable to encounter some custom enemies from custom maps due to this PK3's enemy actors.
-Fixed an issue where footsteps disappeared.

-Removed all unused scripts, sounds and sprites that supposed to use with Brutal Doom.
-This PK3 is still keep some unused actors but blank'd.
-Now players can play with their custom character skin (although there's no mugshots/status faces due to the custom HUD).
-Changed Blue Nazi to drop guns such as StG-N (because this weapon is only can be found in Nazi camp).
-Changed "Stealth" Zombieman to drop guns such as MP5.

-Renamed all ACS Scripts (from number to named), now it's less likely to conflict with other addons and maps.
-Fixed all spawners so it can trigger something (such as ambushes and scripts) after player is walked through and/or picked up the weapon, ammo, armor, and item.
-Simplified some spawners that basically copy & paste.
-Added new weapon spawners that replaces Brutal Doom's specified weapon such as Flamethrower and Unmaker.
-Fixed M2 Flamethrower's "gunfire" sound keep looping whenever player dies.
-Fixed some ammo pickups (such as KS-23's ammo and 25mm Smart Grenade) that can be crush/squished.
-Moved Single M9A1 and MP5's clipin sound to the corresponding clipin timing.
-Fixed M870 MCS's pre-reload animation looks stuttering when magazine is depleted.
-Fixed Dual M1887 MC's firing without recoil when magazine is only have 1 ammo, and now the recoil is stronger.
-Fixed M72 LAW's "must aim" fire is not zoom in.
-Fixed M72 LAW go to "must aim" fire animation directly after player dropped the used one while they are holding fire key.
-Crosshair is hidden when using dot sights and scopes.
-Fixed a lot of new weapons that player picked up (such as MP5) can be rechambered while magazine is still have some ammo after they dropped their depleted weapon.
-Fixed player can't pick up any weapons sometimes after they dropped their weapons (in the case of 8 Slots Mode).
-Fixed an issue where fellow soldiers leaving the player would continue to shoot corpses.
-Fixed laser issue on M1887MC.
-Enhanced the power of PYTHON, M24SWS, M1887MC, and semi-auto shotguns.
-Improved Hip-Fire accuracy for MPX45, AN94, and VEPR.
-The maximum capacity of 7.62mm bullets has been increased to 240.
-Changed FAL's gun sound.
-Fixed some "unnatural English".
-Fixed Garand Rifle not dropping. (V2.1)


Use GZDOOM to launch files A and B together.
Be sure to load in the order of A to B.

Select two pk3 files with the Ctrl key, then grab "FileA" and drop it on GZDOOM.exe.
Alternatively, use Autoloading with a shortcut.

If you get the following error message, you are loading the files in the wrong order.

Script error, line 455:
Unexpected '8 Slots Doom-Slayer Mode' in definition of 'RGAPlayer_M9A1'

After starting the game, first open the OPTIONS "Customize Controls" menu and set the "Call of DOOM - Basic Controls" and "Advanced Actions" keys.

Set "Equipments Shortcut" only when necessary.
Explosives are in slot 9 and equipment is in slot 0.

-What is necessary?

1:not Potato PC
The file size is large and there are many animations, so please play on PC.
It's difficult to enjoy this mod on low-spec PCs and smartphones that have a lot of lag.

2:Official DOOM game(IWAD)
This is a mod, so you need a base game file.
Please purchase the official DOOM on Steam etc.

3:latest GZDoom engine
This mod only supports GZDOOM.
If you run it with another engine, unexpected problems will occur.
Also, this mod is for single player. Multiplayer is not supported.


Showcase of all weapons:

Introducing Addon:

Recommended custom maps:

-What is "Call of DOOM: Black Warfare"?

This mod is a realization of the modern DOOM I wanted.
Players can fight DOOM monsters with high quality firearms imported from the Call of duty universe.
This weapon WAD is compatible with many custom maps, so you'll have fresh gameplay on maps you've played in the past.

SnapCrab NoName 2021 1 20 6 46 4

-NEW Weapons

Introducing 70 new weapons.
There are no energy guns, all guns use bullets or rockets.
Most weapons have aim shooting and reloading function, allowing you to switch shooting modes and change ammo types as needed.
And various kinds of ammunition based on the caliber of the actual gun will appear.

[slot 1] - 6 Handguns and 1 SAMURAI sword (9mm/.45ACP/.357 Magnum)
[slot 2] - 10 Sub Machineguns (9mm/.45ACP)
[slot 3] - 12 Shotguns (12 gauge)
[slot 4] - 6 PDWs (PDW bullet)
[slot 5] - 6 Heavy Weapons (40mm Grenade/25mm Grenade/66mm Rocket/23mm CSgas/.404 Raufoss/Fuel)
[slot 6] - 10 NATO Assault Rifles (5.56mm NATO)
[slot 7] - 8 Eastern Assault Rifles (5.45x39mm/7.62x39mm)
[slot 8] - 8 Marksman Rifles (7.62mm NATO/.338 Magnum)
[slot 9] - 3 Explosives

[slot 0] - Tactical Medikit / UAC Satellite Phone

-NEW Equipments

Introducing modern game style support equipment.

[Survival Knife] - Can be used for Instant attack and stealth-kill.
[Frag Grenade] - A powerful grenade. You can also knock out by hitting the enemy directly with a grenade.
[Stun Grenade] - A stun grenade that afflicts enemies with intense flash and noise.
[Flashlight] - High beam flashlight mounted on a helmet.
[Night-vision device] - A ready-to-use Night vision device mounted on a helmet.
[UAC Satellite Phone] - Can summon relief supplies, reinforcements, and attack helicopters.
[Tactical Medikit] - A first aid kit that can carry up to 6. Be careful not to be attacked by the enemy while you are giving the injection.

COD BW TRT1 mp4 000001893 RM

-NEW Characters

There are 12+α friendly soldiers with new sprites.
It also includes the Heroes of "COD: Modern Warfare" and "COD: Black ops".
You can summon them with Satellite Phone when you need them.
If you don't want to see hell anymore, you can call a girls.
When you want to fight alone, use the Satellite Phone to get ammunition and other relief supplies.

You can give three instructions to fellow soldiers : "follow", "wait", and "gather".
If you get a Sentry bot somewhere, you can switch between "follow" and "Attack" instructions in the same way.


-Mystery box

The infamous "mystery box" from the COD zombie series will be featured in this mod.
There are 90 different results, and you can get the best weapon, but you can also get the worst weapon.
There will also be secret items that can only be obtained here.
If you want to challenge, use the Satellite Phone to summon the Mystery box.

SnapCrab NoName 2021 1 26 17 12

-Gameplay changes

The kill speed is faster than Brutal DOOM, and even the weakest 9mm gun can defeat the Pinky Demon.
However, you will always suffer from a shortage of ammo and recovery items.
Kill your enemies as soon as possible before they are attacked, like Call of Duty. Otherwise it can have fatal consequences.

If you are a veteran player, choosing a higher difficulty level than ultra-violence (Brutal DOOM ver only) or a class with a stricter weapon possession limit will make you more thrilling.

Players can only carry 4 weapons. (In the case of normal mode)
Every time you find a good weapon, you have to choose to drop something.
Carefully look at the spec sheet, which describes the advantages and disadvantages of the weapon.
If you're greedy and holding only powerful weapons, you'll quickly run out of ammo, and you'll have to drop something and switch to a 9mm gun.
There is no convenient item box.

Weapon placement changes randomly each time you play.
Flamethrower may appear when you need an M16, or you may never find your favorite weapon.
Therefore, even on maps that have been visited in the past, the tactics can change significantly depending on the weapons you can pick up.
This weapon mod was developed so that I can play it for over a year without getting bored.
(I don't know how other players will feel, but I've been enjoying DOOM for years with this mod)

gzdoom 2019 11 28 19 50 06 358 m



Best mod ever. Thank you for huge efforts!

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This is a MUST have .For modern doom players. Thanks again Arrowood. Guess we both wanted the same doom lol :)

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Congrats. Mod is great so far.

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Fantastic mod!

Thank you!!

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Does anyone have any map recommendation?

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Cool!Now I can 360° no-scope on this mod! XD

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